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Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

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Born: 27 June 2000
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Codename: Lightspeed
Mutant Power: Hypersonic Flight, Energy Projection
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Julie Power


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Apr 3 2017, 11:30 PM

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<center>"So, ah, if anyone wants to network after this...</center><br>
January 2017<br><br>
Jan 9 - Food Fight! with Noah Crichton<br>
Jan 23 - Running Late with Kitty Pryde<br>
Jan 30 - Where do I go? with Laurie Tromette<br></div></div></center>[/dohtml]

Julie Power, no code name as of yet, is a junior at Bayville High. Having just started school there that academic year, by most standards she would be considered a fairly recent arrival. However, she's already meeting students even newer to Bayville than she is, students who have quickly made her pretty typical high school life a lot more interesting. To some, she's the normal, human friend that they were always looking for...who is neither normal nor human, herself. Growing up in a large family, Julie is used to being part of a crowd and to keeping secrets, even if all she really wants to do sometimes is just let it all out and cut loose.


Julie used to be quite shy, quiet and content to keep to herself, but by the time she had hit her teens, that had quickly changed. She's friendly and outgoing, without being too pushy about it (she hopes!), and enjoys meeting new people. Although she's been in Bayville for a few months already, she doesn't really have anyone that she would consider a very close friend. Her somewhat flighty nature and diverse interests make it easy for her to flit from social circle to social circle, without getting too entrenched in any one group. As always, Julie's closest friends and confidants are her siblings, though she really would like to make some real friends outside of her own family someday, hopefully before she graduates high school.

Noah Crichton - new school acquaintance
Kitty Pryde - new school acquaintance


Julie is, or at least wants to consider herself to be, a normal, high school girl. Having enemies isn't really something that she thinks about on any kind of conscious, personal level. High school has its own fair share of conflict and drama, sure, but real life—even her own, which has been anything but ordinary—isn't like the movies. As much as she would like to, Julie doesn't get along with everyone, but she wouldn't call anyone an enemy right now...unless they were to come after her family. Then, all bets are off.


Julie is something of a, well, not quite a late bloomer when it comes to romance, but not an early one, either. She still feels that she's too young to be actively looking for love, which would only get in the way of her hopeful plans for the future. Between studying to keep up her grades, working on her blossoming (yet hopeless) acting career and watching out for her younger siblings, trying to have any kind of active dating life is pretty much out of the question. That being said, she does have an eye for both the boys and the girls...not that she's comfortable with admitting the latter yet, even to herself.
Mar 26 2017, 11:05 PM

Season I

January 2017 -

Jan 9 - Food Fight! - meeting Noah Crichton
Jan 23 - Running Late - meeting Kitty Pryde
Jan 30 - Where do I go? - meeting Laurie Tromette

February 2017
Feb 10 - Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - Valentine's Day Dance
Mar 24 2017, 07:30 PM
Monday, 9 January, 12:30 PM

Second lunch.

As much as Julie was starting to get re-settled into her new spring-quarter schedule, she still wasn't entirely used to having the second lunch period. Last semester she had first for both quarters and although it wasn't any kind of hardship having to wait another half hour, or whatever, it did suck that none of her friends had second lunch with her. Sure, there were a few people around that she kinda-sorta recognised from some of her classes, or here and there in the halls, but no one that she really knew very well. Besides, she didn't recognise anyone that wasn't already sitting with other people at tables that were mostly, if not completely full. Even though she had gotten over her shyness years ago, she wasn't really feeling up for interrupting a group just to introduce herself. Again.

So instead of forcing her way into a hopefully new batch of second lunch friends, which there was always time to tackle later on, Julie was sitting mostly alone at the edge of one of the communal tables, her nose buried in her latest book. It was almost a throwback to what lunch was like back when she was a lot younger and still living in Richmond, except back then she wouldn't have even been in the cafeteria. Although, to be fair, if it wasn't so stupidly cold and gross outside, she probably wouldn't be in the cafeteria now, either. Second lunch was just as loud as first, noticeably more-so now that Julie wasn't actively contributing to it. It wasn't something that really bothered her in any way, but it did make it a lot harder to focus on her book.

Julie took another bite of her turkey and spinach sandwich before setting it back down again, using her thumb to turn to the next page in her book one handed. She did her best to ignore the ambient noise livening up the rest of the cafeteria, which despite her efforts only seemed to be getting louder instead of fading into white noise. Glancing up from her book, she could see that it wasn't just her imagination and the cafeteria actually was getting louder, almost like there was something going on somewhere. It wasn't at her table, that much was clear, and she turned around in her seat to look, trying to find the source of the disturbance.

Noah Crichton
Mar 22 2017, 10:48 PM
Monday, 23 January, 9:55 AM

Julie could still hear the sound of the bell ringing in her ears as she strode quickly through the halls to her locker, the heels of her knee high boots clacking a sharp staccato over the freshly waxed floors. School had been back in session for a couple of weeks now and with the excitement of the winter holidays behind them, it was just another Monday. A Monday that just so happened to see her running late to her third period math class, because it wouldn't be a Monday without something going wrong, right? That's usually how it worked but she wasn't about to let it get her down, not when her locker was so close she could see it.

Most of the other students crowding the hall were rushing past to get to their own classes before the next bell rang, though there were a few lingering here and there, chatting and laughing next to their lockers or classrooms. Julie waved a quick hi at the few she knew along the way, flashing a bright smile at the ones who noticed and waved back. It wasn't long before she found herself standing in front of her own locker and she made quick work of the old lock, giving it a good bang with her fist when it at first refused to open. Her locker was always extra finicky on Mondays, and doubly so during the thankfully very few times she happened to be running late.

Julie chanced a quick look at one of the wall clocks when it finally opened, sighing a little to herself in relief when she saw that she had at least a minute or two left to spare. That should be just enough time to drop off her English assignment, grab her math book, her clunky calculator and her extra binder and then get to class. Thankfully, it was just a few doors down from her locker so she might even manage to get in right as the bell rang, coasting in on time...if only just barely.

Without even needing to look, Julie grabbed her English homework and stuck it in her locker, replacing it in her bag with her math book and binder. Her hand then went for where she usually kept her calculator, but instead of the cool, smooth plastic of her TI-Nspire-something-or-other's carrying case, there was only the cold metal of the locker itself. Puzzled, Julie looked up from her bag into her locker, peering between the neatly stacked books for the familiar pink case. Maybe she misplaced it? It wasn't like her, but she couldn't think of anything else that would have happened to...wait.

Stuffed in between two of her books was a crumpled up piece of paper, too messy and wadded up to match anything that she would normally have. Julie pulled it out and started to unravel it from the lumpy, crumply mess that it was, risking another quick glance over her shoulder at the clock before looking back down at the now visible sheet of plain, college ruled notebook paper.

"Ugh, Jack!"

Julie let her head bang against the side of locker, still looking down at the scribbles that passed for her younger brother's handwriting. Apparently, he had forgotten his own calculator at home and decided to borrow hers, without permission or telling anyone, and had managed to snag it right from her locker without her even noticing until now. To top it all off, the little brat didn't even bother to write a thank you on his note, using the space for that to instead insult the colour of her carrying case.

"Pink is not 'totally lame, even for girls'," she grumbled right as the bell rang, blowing some stray hairs out of her face as she re-crumpled the note. "So much for not being late to class."
Mar 18 2017, 11:14 PM

Basic Stats

Full Name: Julia "Julie" Power
Nickname(s): Julie, Jules
Alias(es): Lightspeed (potentially)
Age: sixteen
DOB: 27 June

Classification: mutant
Codename: Lightspeed (potentially)
Alliance: neutral (with the intent to eventually join the X-Men)
Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: comics canon
Place of residence: just outside of Bayville, New York
Occupation: student
Year in school: junior


Height: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 49.9 kg
Hair: strawberry blonde
Eyes: blue
Skin: fair to lightly tanned

Build: At first glance Julie looks like the typical girl next door, though somewhat on the shorter side compared to most girls her age. Conventionally attractive in a very girlish, American way, she's slight of build and noticeably leaner than what passes for average. As a result she is hardly what one would call curvaceous, though what she does have is fit and toned as opposed to willowy, her figure quite similar to that of a dancer or distance runner. Despite her shorter than average stature, she's proportionately long limbed and can easily carry herself firmly when the situation calls for it, though normally she possesses a more casual, careless sort of poise about her. She moves like someone accustomed to weightlessness, loose and flowing, and her body language is lively and animated, especially when she's talking.

Dress: Julie isn't exactly what one could consider terribly vain, but she is fashion conscious and does make an effort to maintain her appearance. Her use of cosmetics is limited to dark pink lip glosses and clear or outfit matching nail polish, and her fashion sense is typically teen girl trendy. In the spring and summer months she commonly sports a light tan and she favours lighter clothes year 'round: midriff baring tops and a low rise, hip hugging cut to her trousers, shorts and skirts, along with comfortable sandals and a noted preference for high heels and cute hats. She doesn't have a particular style, wearing jeans and platforms one day and pleated mini-skirts and turtlenecks the next, but she refuses to wear anything that would restrict or impede her ability to move quickly and freely.

Other: Julie's face is as lean as the rest of her figure, narrow with high cheekbones and a strong jaw-line leading to a chin that is just a touch too delicate to be called sharp. Her nose is small yet high bridged with a slightly upturned tip, set above a mouth that is a little wider than average but full lipped. Although she is fair haired, Julie's eyelashes are dark and full, and her eyebrows are slender and tapering. Her eyes are blue, just like the rest of her siblings, but distinctly lighter in colour. Framing it all is a thick tumble of coppery, strawberry blonde hair, which normally falls down to mid back and about her shoulders in loose waves. It parts naturally in the centre and on rare occasions she may sometimes straighten it, upon which it is long enough to reach the small of her back.

Play-By: Deborah Ann Woll

Psychological Profile

Likes: Julie enjoys literature of nearly all kinds, but has a special love of adventure, high fantasy and science fiction. She also enjoys acting and dramatic readings. Although she doesn't always have the opportunity for it, there is nothing she loves more than experiencing the freedom of flight.

Dislikes: Having a preference for warm, sunny weather, Julie isn't particularly fond of gloomy, overcast days. With a noted exception for burgers and fries, her not-so-secret guilty pleasure, she doesn't like heavy foods or sweets that are very rich. She also doesn't like being ignored or lost in large, noisy crowds.

Goals: Julie's short term goals are simple: to make it through high school with grades good enough to get into a decent college or university. She's also an aspiring actress and hopes to someday make a career out of it, though she has no intention of forgoing or ignoring college in order to do so. Maybe, if she's lucky, she might even get a boyfriend (or, though she daren't even admit it to herself, possibly a girlfriend).

Fears: At the top of the list is being outed and hated for it, either for her abilities or her maybe-not-quite-yet burgeoning bi-sexuality. Having an overactive imagination, nightmares can be and often are completely terrifying. Absolutely nothing, however, frightens her more than the thought of losing her family.

Strengths: Julie is intelligent and focused, though not overly so. She has an excellent memory, particularly for facts and literature, and is very well read. Although she is not currently involved in any sports, she is naturally a very physical person and it shows in her actions and behaviour.

Weaknesses: Despite her love of acting, Julie is absolutely terrible at it. At times temperamental, she can be prone to flightiness and can suffer from a lack of common sense when stressed. Unintentionally, she can sometimes come across as a know it all, especially with subjects that she is passionate about. Julie is also often stubborn to the point of mulishness, as her siblings can well attest to.

Best subject: literature / English
Worst subject: drama
Extracurriculars: drama club

General Personality:
When Julie was a child she was quiet and shy, content to spend all of her time with her books and her family instead of going out and making friends. That changed once she hit her teenage years. Although she hasn't abandoned her books entirely, they are no longer quite the focus in her life that they used to be. Whilst not an extrovert, she is outgoing and quick to reach out to others, though she is still quite demure when it comes to her personal life. She enjoys listening and watching others around her, and at times she could be almost serene in her patience. Her ability to listen patiently to other people's problems and her own sense of responsibility come from her upbringing as the second oldest out of four children, though it takes quite a bit of trust for her to be so open with herself in return.

That is not to say that Julie is a picture of tranquillity in the sea of chaos that is Bayville, New York. Although her upbringing has tempered her patience, she is still very strong willed and can be somewhat capricious and temperamental. She is quick to lash out and fly off the handle when angered and this bad habit has only increased with the manifestation of her mutant abilities; however, she is just as quick to calm down again after the initial flare of her anger has passed. She is highly emotional and can be prone to mood swings, going from jubilant to enraged or distraught in a fit of irrationality. She does not have the mind of a "true" speedster, but she is naturally flighty and can easily lose focus on what she was doing, even in semi-serious situations. This makes her completely unsuited to taking leadership. When left to her own devices, her mind tends to wander, another product of a childhood spent buried in books of strange fantasy and pulp adventure. She has aspirations of becoming an actress, despite being completely unaware of the fact that she is utterly terrible at it.

Above all, Julie very much just wants to be a normal girl. She is not ashamed of herself or her abilities, but she desperately wants to have a normal life with her family; to grow up, go to college and maybe get married and have children of her own. It is deeply concerning to her that her life will never be quite so normal again, although this is something that she rarely expresses aloud, choosing to keep it close to herself. Additionally, she has recently started to struggle with her sexuality, which is a subject that she is very sensitive about. She knows that she is more than just a little bi-curious, but she hasn't yet reached the point where she can comfortably admit that to herself, let alone to anyone else.


Mutant Power(s):
    Supersonic to hypersonic flight - Julie's primary and most obvious super human ability is that of accelerated flight. She can casually break the sound barrier and travel at speeds up to and in excess of 800 mph/357.6 m/s. At her current maximum speed, she can fly just above mach 2, twice the speed of sound, and can maintain her maximum speed for around an hour or so until exhaustion starts to set in. At that point, she must slow down lest she risk falling or worse, crashing. Despite having a noted preference for speed, Julie is quite capable of flying slowly and can even hover by projecting her aura beneath her, essentially resting in place on top of it in mid air. She can fly as high as the oxygen within the atmosphere allows, requires no time to accelerate and can take off almost immediately at her maximum speed from complete motionlessness on land or in the air. She can also carry one other average sized person whilst flying, or anything up to the weight of an average person, approximately 180 lbs/82 kg.
    Although she has not reached that point yet, with experience and training she will eventually be able to maintain hypersonic speeds of mach 7, able to fly consistently at over 5,000 mph/2235 m/s for two to three hours without tiring. In addition to pushing the boundaries of her speed and stamina, Julie will have even greater control over her flight, in time becoming capable of turning or stopping sharply at high speeds by quickly projecting her aura out against herself. As it stands, she currently lacks the skill to make sharp turns or suddenly stop without crashing into something, especially when travelling at maximum speed, and must slow down to a more manageable speed before trying to stop, turn or land.
    Physical invulnerability - Whilst flying, Julie is surrounded by a glowing aura of unidentified, multicoloured energy which lingers and leaves behind her a trail of sparkling, rainbow light. This energy is semi-solid and increases her durability to super-human levels whilst flying, protecting her and anyone/anything she happens to be carrying from all of the negative effects of friction, obstacles and temperature extremes associated with super accelerated flight. This rainbow trail is highly conspicuous, maintains its initial position and does not immediately fade even after she is no longer flying, though it never exceeds lengths of more than twenty metres at a time. As this rainbow aura is semi-solid, by projecting this energy beneath her, she can comfortably maintain a hovering position by sitting, standing or even laying down on it.
    Spatial awareness - Despite having no impact on her ability to think or her overall intelligence, her mind and senses are able to process external stimuli quickly when travelling at super accelerated speeds. This allows her to still remain spatially aware when flying many times faster than the speed of sound. Her vision functions at a super-human level when flying at super speed and her rainbow aura diffuses the roar of any wind or air friction when flying at sub-sonic levels. She does not, however, possess any of these abilities when not flying at super speed, nor does she have any kind of enhanced reflexes or super speed beyond her accelerated flight.
    Energy projection - In addition to being a by-product of her super/hypersonic flight, Julie can also project her rainbow aura outwards for close range energy bursts, which grants her additional strength in close combat or when throwing an object or person. These bursts have no heat behind them and are purely concussive. Further, the energy she projects is not bright enough to blind someone for more than a few moments, unless the light is projected directly into the eyes or there are other extenuating circumstances at play. With her concussive energy bursts, Julie is capable of propelling people and objects forcefully away from her, but she cannot blast through anything more solid than a trailer door. Additionally, with further training and experience, she will be able to focus this energy to slow down and deflect blows in close combat by creating small, defensive shields, as well as cushion falling objects and/or other people.
    Although Julie always produces this glowing, rainbow energy whilst flying and hovering, she is also capable of generating, projecting and directing it when she is completely grounded. She can project it outward as a bright, rainbow hued flash, yet at her current level of skill she is only capable of projecting short, quick bursts in her immediate vicinity. With time and greater experience, this will become more prolonged and controlled, giving her the ability to create what are essentially light shows of varying luminosity. Despite the length of her rainbow trail in active flight, when not flying she is only able to project and manipulate this energy within a ten foot radius of herself. Like most energy manipulators, she is completely immune to the blinding effects of her own abilities and also has a superhuman resistance to bright lights and/or light based constructs/attacks.
Biggest Drawback(s):
    Conspicuousness - Julie is a swift and silent flyer, but not an inconspicuous one by any means. She cannot fly without creating her glowing energy trail, which is long, distinctive and very colourful. In the light, it appears as a bright, sparkling, somewhat translucent rainbow streak. In the dark, this appearance is even more distinct as it glows, illuminating the night sky or a dark room, and drawing obvious attention to the active use of her powers. When not in flight, the same weakness applies during any attempt at energy projection, whether it be offensive or defensive, focused or otherwise.
    Vulnerabilities - Although typically invulnerable to most physical attacks/obstacles when surrounded by her rainbow aura, Julie is not immune or invulnerable to most energy based attacks. She is as weak to electricity, psionics, extreme heat, or any non-concussive, non-light based energy as a normal human being and she obviously cannot outrun lightning, lasers or anything travelling faster than her maximum speed. Depending on the severity of the impact, it can even be enough to knock her completely out of flight.
    Additionally, when not in flight, Julie has to consciously project her rainbow aura in order to deflect non-energy based attacks. She is also not immune to the effects of smoke, dust, sand, heavy fog, etc., as she does have to breathe and see where she is going.
Non-mutant power(s): As mentioned above, Julie is surprisingly well read, but doesn't have much of a taste for classic literature. She can, however, quote just about anything from Tolkien. With proper training and experience, she has the potential to become a skilled hand to hand combatant.

Background Check

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia
    father: Dr James Power
    mother: Margaret Power née Craig
    older brother: Alexander "Alex" Power
    younger brother: Johnathan "Jack" Power
    younger sister: Katherine "Katie" Power
Criminal Record: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record

Julie Power was born the second of four children in Richmond, Virginia. The daughter of a renowned physicist, Dr James Power, her childhood was one of both privilege and relative seclusion. Due to the nature of her father's work for the United States government on matter/anti-matter conversion, their home was more isolated than was typical for such a large, affluent family. They lived relatively alone, on a large plot of land with neighbours few and far between. As a result, she, along with her other siblings, had developed a very close knit bond to one another that remains to this day. Evenly spaced at two years apart from each other, her brothers and sister were more than just family, they were also her best friends and confidants. She was particularly close to her older brother, Alex, having similar interests and opinions, and with him helped to take care of their two younger siblings when their mother was out and their father was too busy with his research.

Although she was never exactly unpopular in school, Julie preferred to keep to herself during her elementary school years. Shy and quiet, she didn't feel herself outgoing enough to get to know her classmates very well and instead was more content to spend her time with her family and her books. A voracious reader, she was never without the latest book that she was reading and was willing to give any story a chance once, but she quickly realised that she preferred flights of myth and fantasy, tales of adventure and the unknown of science fiction more than anything else. She didn't mind that people saw her as somewhat odd and too reserved for such a young child, not when she could lose herself in the amazing worlds crafted inside of her books. She always made a point to check the school library for anything new, as well as to re-visit her old favourites. Although her father's personal library was vast, it held very little that could capture her interests.

Despite her love of reading, Julie was never more than an above average student, not quite reaching the consistently high marks of her older brother but still managing to maintain a solid B average that put her on a step above her younger one. She was, however, well liked by her teachers for her quiet, studious nature, most of whom already knew her through association with her siblings and parents. Although her father was often distant and away from home because of his work, her mother, Margaret Power, was a freelance painter and illustrator as well as an active participant in the local community, including the Parent-Teacher's Association. Her family as a whole was well regarded by most of the people she met, which reflected positively on Julie as she was growing up.

After completing elementary school and moving on into middle school, she started to grow out of being a demure wallflower who was content to spend her lunches alone in the school library. By the time she was thirteen the shy, quiet Julie had been replaced by a more vibrant, outgoing teenager who was keen to get to know people and make new friends outside of her immediate family. Her middle school was small but it was larger than the tiny-by-comparison elementary school that she had been attending, with so many more people from a much wider community. Her own personality blossomed at the change and for the first time she started to consider her classmates as friends. She never drifted too far from home or her family, however, nor did she abandon her books, but she had more things to focus on in her life now than what she knew from the self-imposed limitations of her earlier childhood.

Despite her freshly blossomed, more outgoing personality and having the opportunity, Julie never really considered things like dating or boyfriends. She knew, in the distant, indistinct way that children sometimes do, that she did want to get married and have children of her own someday, but it didn't quite seem to click beyond that hazy, someday far off in the future ambition. Whilst other people in her age group, including several of her friends, started to pair off into couples, she preferred to stay out of it. She was always willing to lend a shoulder and a listening ear if things went bad or good for her friends, but felt that she was too young for it herself. Her older brother was similar, only just starting to consider dating, which was a definite relief to her parents.

Aside from growing from a relative non-entity into a social butterfly, Julie's middle school years were mostly uneventful and by now the shock of changing to a newer, bigger, more exciting school had mostly worn off. High school was much the same as middle school was, her social circles graduating along with her, and the only real difference was in the variety of classes now available. Not content to let up her studies in favour of spending time with her friends, she still maintained the same above average but not spectacular marks as she always had, though she was at a loss over the choice of her electives. She chose drama completely on a whim as a filler, which quickly inspired her to become an actress. The only problem was that she wasn't very good at it, which everyone else seemed to understand but her. Her performances were terrible, hammy and overly dramatic even by the standards of live theatre, not that she realised it. Still, in spite of her repeated failed auditions, she never let it get her down or spoil her optimism, even if the director was too stupid to tell the difference between a script and a horse's...well, she never let it get her down for too long, at any rate.

Julie's privileged, happy life was irrevocably changed, however, when she was fourteen years old. All four of the Power children knew that their father was an important scientist, but none of them actually knew what he was a scientist of. His research was highly classified and incredibly dangerous, with the potential to be turned into an extremely powerful and dangerous weapon; one that, if abused, was potentially capable of destroying the entire planet. Although Dr Power was hoping that his research would lead to the betterment of humanity by generating incredible amounts of clean, sustainable energy, he was still careful to keep this information away from his family as he did not want them involved in something so potentially destructive. Unfortunately, Dr Power's wishes to keep his family safe and secure went unanswered when on a late summer evening a group of masked, darkly clothed men violently broke into their isolated home, kidnapping both of Julie's parents in an attempt to steal the technology for themselves and use it to forward their own ends.

With them they already had another victim, Douglas Carmody, the man who owned the research labs that Julie's father worked in. Abruptly awakened by the break in, all four of the Power children rushed out of their bedrooms to find out what was going on, shocked to see that their house had been broken into and their unconscious parents were being dragged out by force. Now aware of their presence, the kidnappers planned to take Julie and her siblings as collateral as well, using them as leverage against their parents. Alex was quick to hide his younger siblings protectively behind him as the men came closer, but it was all in vain as he was no match for the older, stronger and very well armed kidnappers.

Julie could only stare in shock as her calm, collected older brother was roughly thrown aside against the banister like little more than a rag doll, crumpling from the force of the blow. Still holding her younger brother and sister behind her, she screamed as the man reached out to grab her wrist, shutting her eyes tightly against the pain of his grip. Distantly she could hear her younger brother shouting her name and her sister crying out, but the next thing she realised was that the man had let go of her. When Julie slowly opened her eyes again, she was surprised to see that he had been blown away and now lay prone and unmoving on the other side of the room. All around her was a sparkling aura of rainbow hued light, her outstretched hand still glowing after what she had just done.

In a sudden rush Julie felt...different. Stronger. More capable. Powerful. It was like nothing that she had ever experienced before and she quickly yelled at her younger brother, Jack, to take Katie and call 911 before turning back to face their kidnappers. Not knowing anything about what she was doing, let alone how she was even doing it, she only focused on the attempted kidnappers who had dared to break into her house and threaten her family, knowing that she wanted them gone. With a primal yell, she launched herself at the man holding her mother's unconscious form, slamming into him hard enough to blow him clear out through the broken door and onto the lawn. Behind her trailed a brightly glowing rainbow of light, which lingered in the air as if in testament to her new-found prowess.

The kidnappers, not expecting this and most of them wearing night vision goggles, were momentarily blinded as she uncontrollably sped around the room, though they were quick to recover. Julie panicked and fell down to the ground when one of them pointed his pistol at her, her body going completely still now that her adrenaline rush was starting to wear off and the shock set in. Holding her breath, she waited for the inevitable only to gasp at the sound of sirens and the flash of blue and red light scattering over the broken glass littering the floor. For probably the first and only time in his life, her younger brother had actually listened to her without complaint and called the police. With the house now completely surrounded, the kidnappers were easily apprehended and taken into custody. Soon after, their family was escorted to the local hospital.

Thankfully, their parents had only been drugged and Alex only suffered from bruising and a minor concussion. Jack, Katie and herself were unharmed, not that she was really aware of it. Thanks to the sudden rush of her powers manifesting, Julie's entire body had worn itself out and she fainted on the way to the hospital. She woke up the next morning feeling absolutely famished, more exhausted than she could ever remember being in her life. The only physical evidence of her ordeal was a dark, still healing bruise wrapping thick and purple around her wrist, the rest of her completely free from any injury. Although both Jack and Katie had seen what she had done the night before, none of them were ready to talk about it just yet.

However, it wasn't long before Julie was forced to confront what had happened that night, beyond the ordeal itself. Never able to keep secrets among themselves, especially when Jack and Katie were involved, soon even Alex was aware of her new abilities. She was encouraged to learn how to use them to her advantage in secret, as they all knew better than to tell their parents about it. Her abilities were both strange and exhilarating at the same time, and although she was pretty pathetic with them at first—unable to fly without constant forward momentum and crashing more often than she landed—eventually, after a couple of years worth of clandestine practice, she had finally managed to greatly increase her level of skill and control over her strange abilities.

Julie's family, as well, was luckily quick to recover. Their house, the only one that she had ever known, was unfortunately not so lucky and was a completely lost cause. Thanks to the break in as well as her uncontrolled power manifestation, what was once a stately old colonial was damaged beyond repair. With Carmody Labs shutting itself down and the government abandoning the research soon after the attack, Dr Power decided to salvage what he could and move his family to upstate New York. Once there, he eventually purchased a secluded property on the outskirts of Bayville, where he began the construction of a new house large enough to support his family and his work. In the meanwhile, the family stayed behind in Richmond with Julie's maternal aunt, Pauline Craig, for the next two years before getting completely settled into their new home in Bayville just before the start of the new school year. With his scientific credentials, Dr Power soon secured a position as a professor of physics at Columbia University, and his wife was quick to continue her work as a freelance artist and illustrator. Julie, along with her younger brother, was also enrolled in Bayville High School, where she spent the next few months leading up to the winter break resuming her role as a social butterfly, aspiring (yet unwittingly terrible) actress and reader of all things interesting.

While the move may have once upon a time felt like an exciting new adventure, Julie couldn't help but to feel that her entire life had been completely upended. There was something new about herself that she felt was even more disconcerting than her abnormal special abilities. Finally, after what all of her friends, both old and new, insisted were years wasted being alone and boyfriend-less, Julie was starting to find other people attractive in more than just an analytical way. By then her older brother, who had graduated early as he took after their father's gifted intelligence, had a fairly steady girlfriend and the more she got to know her, the prettier she became. These feelings weren't unique to her brother's girlfriend, either, and by the time that Julie was nearing sixteen, she realised that she was more than just a little interested in both the boys and the girls. Still, even now she is not yet comfortable enough to tell anyone about it or even admit it to herself.

Instead, like her strange abilities, Julie hid those abnormal feelings behind her ebullient personality, keeping them buried deep down within herself until she feels ready to confront them head on...whenever that will be.

Note: As before, because of the nature of this application I felt it important to keep this little note here, explaining some things. Julie Power is a canon character from Marvel Comics that was not affiliated with X-Men: Evolution. She is active in several of Marvel's universes, most notably Earth-616, Earth-20051 and Earth-5631, with a smaller presence in other universes. She is not a mutant in any of these universes and is, like her siblings, a mutate of alien (specifically Kymellian) origin. However, in 616 she does have history with mutants and the X-Men, particularly the New Mutants.

As she is not the typical sort of character usually adapted for these kinds of things, I have kept her origins intentionally vague in this application with the unwritten intent that she be "Evo-ised" as a re-envisioned mutant character. To that end I have also made no mention of her siblings' 616 (and other universes) canon mutate abilities. I myself have no intention of playing any of her siblings as another PC, mutant or otherwise, and if someone else does, I would be more than happy to re-work this application as needed to better suit that.

Just about everything in this application can be referenced back to the original source material published by Marvel Comics, or can be directly inferred. The one exception to this is her background history, which has been changed to expunge the original alien involvement in her origin. The key points, however, were retained and edited to better suit the nature of the X-Men: Evolution universe.

Also as before, sorry about the length. Also, glad to be back!

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