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We are an alternate universe X-Men: Evolution roleplaying game that accepts canon/original characters and fun, creative writers. The time is set before season 1.

Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

Happy roleplaying!
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Sierra Parker [Inactive]


My Content
Jul 28 2014, 07:36 PM
I was just curious if I'm the only former member who still pops into here from time to time. I had really enjoyed this site, even if it was short-lived considering I wasn't on it for too long before it seemed to dissolve. The members were amazing and the plot itself was fun and refreshing from the other X-Men sites I've seen around.

Anyways, if other former members happen to find themselves back on here, hello! Even if this site never picks up again, perhaps there are other sites one can suggest for me if they believe that Gigabyte will be welcomed there.

And if other members do not come back on here... Well, then this message is completely harmless, now isn't it? smile.gif
Feb 3 2014, 10:01 AM
Anyone up for a shopping trip with Sierra?

Sierra's a newer X-Men student who needs to meet/interact with more people. The thread is dated a week before the Valentine's Day dance, and we're using that as an excuse for shopping.

I was thinking some of the X-Men girls could be shopping with her, kind of a bonding experience, but really, anyone is invited to bump into her. smile.gif If anyone has any thoughts/plot-ish stuff that could happen in the thread, that's cool too!
Feb 3 2014, 09:55 AM
Friday, February 7, 3:30 PM.

Sierra stuffed her hands into the front pocket of her dark green sweatshirt, and maneuvered around the crowds of adults and teenagers alike that had taken refuge in the cozy mall on that chilly February afternoon. It was times like these that Sierra didn't mind being small at all.

The hallways at school had been all abuzz about the upcoming Valentine's Day dance in a week, with girls gushing about what they were going to wear and guys doing their best to figure out how to be romantic enough to pass muster with their girlfriends. Sierra, being newer to the school, didn't expect to be asked to the dance by anyone (she'd probably shake like a leaf in a storm if someone were to do that, anyway), but she guessed that she would go to the dance anyway. It'd be a good social exercise for her.

Of course, that meant finding something that was nice enough for a school dance. She wasn't going to get a dress, no, not with the weather and the uncomfortable fact that most dresses in her size weren't exactly... Well, let's just say that Sierra was about the same size as an elementary schooler, and fit into most clothes that would fit a fifth-grader. She wasn't a savvy shopper, not one for fashion or style, and she was sure there were more mature stores that could cater to her size, but for now, she wasn't going to put forth that much effort.

Sierra just wished to look nice enough for her first school function, and that was the only reason she was willing to wander the mall.
Jan 28 2014, 09:19 AM
Sunday, January 19, 12:30 PM.

Sierra leaned against the wall, her shoulders sagged and her arms crossed as she glanced down the carpeted hallway. All she had been looking for was the library. One would think that a giant room filled with books would be easy to spot. Instead, her mind was trying to fill itself with details about the rooms she had been in, getting her confused and lost in the place she was supposed to be able to call home.

Being uniformly decorated, the hallways of the X-Mansion looked pretty similar, and her mind was trying to inform Sierra that this particular hallway led to the restroom if she continued on her way, while her bedroom was just a few doors down. Sierra knew her mind was trying to organize everything she saw, and she was sure she would memorize the layout of the mansion in due time with the help of her semi-photographic memory, but at the moment it was just confusing her. Details of the roads from the city they took to get to Bayville kept popping up in her mind's eye, and Sierra just wanted to shut it all down like she does her laptop. Her memory appeared to be going in overdrive with all the new images and information she was gathering, and Sierra hoped that once she calmed down and got over the move, her memory would settle.

Sierra contemplated just waiting where she was for someone to come and find her -- she was sure most, if not all, of her new housemates would be friendly enough to help guide her -- but the thought of meeting so many new people was a touch overwhelming. She had become acquainted with a few of the other residents in the house, of course, but it had been unnerving and fascinating simultaneously to meet all these other mutants.

Hence why she had been looking for the library. After tossing all of her belongings into her new room (with a queen-sized bed!), Sierra had just wanted to relax in the company of books.

Which she would never find if she continued to stand there. There must be security cameras around a place like this, and she could just imagine what they thought of her. With a deep breath, Sierra took a moment to close her eyes in an attempt to soothe her mind, wipe out all of the details it was trying to organize in the crevices of her memory, and just relax enough to start up her wandering again.
Jan 23 2014, 02:25 PM

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