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Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

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Kitty Pryde

X-Men (Admin)

My Content
May 4 2017, 04:32 AM
The Xavier Institute
Tuesday, February 7

"X! We need you! In the hangar, STAT!" Kitty's voice belted into X-23's bedroom. Though she was trying her best to seem urgent, she still had all the non-flare of Kitty Pryde, and it mostly just came across like she had to pee, and was maybe a little hungover. And her voice was not coming from the hall. Not through the door. Instead, X might have seen Kitty's stupid head raise up through her floor and disappear again the moment she was done yelling.

But then a second later, just her head rose up through the floor again, "But you need to wear these! It's so important!" Again, a little absent, but still totally excited or something. Her hand then came up through the floor, holding a box wrapped in unfathomably wrinkled tinfoil, with a shoelace strung around it and tight into a really lazy bow. Kitty didn't feel like going back to the store when she remembered she didn't have any wrapping paper, so she had to settle for what she could find in the kitchen.

She left the present there on the floor and sunk down into oblivion again. X would find a brand new pair of roller skates in there, a size too big.

When X eventually made it out of her room, she'd see a series of Post-It notes with sharpie notes on them.

[Follow Me!
-Kitty Pryde]

As if she'd forget.

[Keep going!
-Kitty Pryde]

[Use this Elevator!
-Kitty Pryde]

Inside the elevator, there was a little candy-striped, pink and green cone hat with a fuzzy, pink ball on the point, and a circle of green fuzz around the mouth.

It came with it's own Post-It.
[Totally Put Me On! It's a Mission!
-Kitty Pryde]

Down in the sub-basement, after Kitty ghosted through the various levels of the institute, she was prepared for X-23's arrival. It was a big day. Maybe not for anyone else, but Bayville High was closed because of the snow, and Kitty had a lot of free time, and she got herself all worked up over X-23 just being named a product number she'd find under any barcode. It was totally fucked up! Everybody should have a name!

But given that Kitty wasn't the tops with any sort of craftwork, she just had to settle on anything she'd find at the only office supply store that stayed open through the snow and was within reasonable distance. So.

Draped from one end to the other on the tail of the X-Jet, because the ceiling in the hangar was way too high, was a big white sign accented in baby-powder-pink with, "WELCOME HOME BABY LAURIE LAURA!" She'd apparently fucked up and written Transonic's name down at first, for no reason.

Behind the sign was a penis piñata - they were fresh out of the typical donkey, and the only other one was a cat, and Kitty didn't feel like dealing with those stupid jokes. It had also taken her a good twenty minutes in the office supply store before she realized she was in a porn shop that apparently didn't check IDs. It was stocked with baby shower and bachelorette party supplies - google was fucking weird, no matter how good Kitty was at the computer.

She left after getting what she could and headed for a 7-11, which was why the piñata was filled with a bunch of Blow Pops and individual-size bags of Doritos. There was also a half empty cherry Slurpee on a table Kitty had set up. Next to the Slurpee was a manilla folder, and next to that was a little cake from any bakery in any market, except a piece was missing, because it was a really long subway ride, and she had walked around so much looking for all this shit. But she did manage to rope some poor sap into writing with some fancy letters on top.

Happy name!
You're Laura...
-Kitty Pryde

Kitty had set Xavier up with his own hat atop that bald cueball, and made him sit next to the table to "anxiously await X-23's arrival".

Kitty, herself, was circling the whole display on her own roller skates. She was decked out in a pair of rainbow stockings under her kneepads, pair of black denim cut-off shorts, and a lumpy white sweater with long sleeves, but cut off just over the navel. It was her Mom's in the 90s, but she stole it because it was comfortable. And, of course, her own derpy cone hat.

Kitty had her super clever song choice playing on a loop from her laptop, and aside from the warehouse lights of the Hangar, she also brought down her hefty, revolving, rainbow strobe globe that she liked to put on when she "had" to smoke her medicine. She had rehearsed, really, like a lot, a makeshift dance that she came up with. It mostly just involved a lot of lazy arm gesticulations and vague convulsing that still managed to result in three days of neck pains, but she was determined to put on a show for the little shit.

As she circled around the front of the display again, she swiped up the last hat that was sitting on the table. In the same easy glide around, she tossed it at Logan. "Seriously, put it on, it's like really important, Gahd."

Laura Kinney Logan
Apr 2 2017, 12:01 AM
Continued from: If It Pays the Bills

The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Saturday, January 21st; 3:39 PM

The double doors of the main entry burst open. Kitty strode in, grim and pissy written all over that face. She took a few steps in, shoved her entire arm and pointer finger out at literally no one.

"Professor Xavier is a jerk!"

A moment or so later, her face dropped and she let a quiet, breathy laugh through her nose. At all the no one. He wasn't a jerk. He gave her a brand new family. She'd specify it a plutonic, very not blood, family if she got Sean to take his pants off, though.

"Jay kay. This is where I live." She spanned her arms out around her. Regardless of what she dressed like and looked like and acted like, she really did live in a lit ass mansion. She hadn't lied to Sean. It was spacious and opulent and snobby, and she fucking lived there. And maybe he'd live there too, if he liked it well and good. He could even bring his baby. She liked babies. She didn't know any, but they were cute and stuff.

"And we've got like a demon mom and a not-drowning guy, and there's a lady who makes tornados and apparently some guy with knives in his knuckles - such a weird weird-thing. And then, the head guy, with his name on the gate. Mister Xavier."

"Professor." Here he came, from the abyss of anywhere in the mansion. He definitely had a presence about him. Kitty couldn't be sure if that was all in her head or not, maybe he just radiated some trippy superior brain god thing, but you knew something good was coming when he was around. The suit, the cute little hipster bowtie like he knew a thing, swanky glossy shoes, bald bald bald.

"Meal on Wheels." She gave a face and took her glasses by the arms, popping them off her face and bobbing them at him twice with, "Hubba hubba!"

"Good afternoon, Sean!" He ignored Kitty entirely, because why wouldn't he? "I hope the drive didn't prove arduous."

"I had to use my birthday money, you owe me like... a hundred bucks."

"A price well worth, I'm sure. Do come in, make yourself comfortable."

Xavier spun his chair and Kitty waved her arm toward her, beckoning Sean to follow. This was it. She hadn't experienced it yet, but her perception of the whole... recruitment thing... was just freaky. It didn't help that when she'd been approached, she had a bunch calling themselves the Brotherhood after her, too. At the exact same moment. So coincidentally.

It was a different feeling here, though. She'd gotten to bring somebody into the family. Not that he'd officially agreed to anything, yet. But it was hard to disagree with Xavier. Even somebody like Kitty couldn't exactly find fault in his logic. And Kitty felt... really... good. Like, normal girl, not a secret CIA hacker, mall attending, not a mutant super hero in training, high school student, regular beige girl good. Like, she could eat a bowl of popcorn right now, normal. Actually, she could totally eat a bowl of popcorn right now.

They crossed into the living room. Xavier pulled up next to the sofa, likely anticipating Sean to take a seat.

"Kitty, you're free to go if you'd like."

"No, I want to watch."

"Of course you do."

"Don't say it like that, gahd."

He turned to Sean. "Admittedly, it's a miracle you agreed to come. Kitty is... new to this. I appreciate the vote of confidence." He smiled, all Xavier-like with his triangle brows and seventy-nine crow's feet. Still a cute old man, though.

"Do the dream thing!" She told Xavier and then turned to Sean. "This is the part I was telling you about, man."
Mar 25 2017, 07:59 PM
This thread is the continuation of Audition for X-23: Bump in the Night

The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Friday, January 20th; 12:03 AM

Kitty's new dorm mate, Aaliyah was promised out for the evening, working on some studies in the library. It was the first chance she'd really had to a night alone since everything went down. Most of the time, she was eating with everyone, in recreation with everyone, learning her way around the institute, learning about her mutation, etcetera. She was always with someone.

Given that it had only been a few days since her birthday, and she was far too embarrassed to try on any of the outfits her mother had gotten her in front of the others, AND was too paranoid to smoke a (medicinal) bowl with A-Type Aaliyah sniffing around all the time, it was finally the perfect night to just relax and look adorbs. She hadn't gotten in trouble for her prescribed headache reliever yet, even if she didn't technically need the stuff. But maybe that was because she hadn't smoked anything yet... or maybe Xavier had migraines, too, and totally got it. Who knew?

Regardless, she got all of one hit off before she'd discarded her purple dragon bong, Lockeheed, at around nine, and was a dopy nerd for the rest of the evening.

She grabbed a half eaten box of powdered doughnuts from the community pantry, hit some tunes (Now Now, because she wanted to feel both cuter and deeper than she was, just like the band) and started officially sifting through all her presents. "Ugly," she'd bark out apathetically after checking each garment. A floral, 90s style casual dress that Janeane Garofalo probably performed in once? "Ugly." Tossed on the floor, hangar and all. A white, brown, and green plaid shirt that anyone in Portland with a beard and man-bun might ironically wear? "Ugly." Tossed on the floor. Some mustard high-waters? "Ugly." Tossed. Fortunately for Kitty, she totally loved ugly, and started trying all of them on.

By the time Aaliyah burst through the door, she would've found Kitty passed out, sideways, on her bed, on top of her covers, white powder from the doughnuts caked to her lips and smeared up her cheeks a bit on each side. Her mouth was agape, clunky and unnecessary glasses crooked, her blanket messy and her pillows on the floor, one leg hanging off the bed with a pink pump dangling from her foot, barely clinging to her toes, but definitely not fully on. The other foot had a loose black ankle boot on. Her hair was eighty percent tangled. And she had an empty box of doughtnuts chilling on her stomach, a huge, puffy, periwinkle promdress wrinkled and hugged in one elbow, and a turquoise sundress with white polkadots wrinkled and hugged in the other.

QUOTE (Probably Satan)
“Kitty! Kitty,”

"NO!" Kitty shouted out of her sleep, kicking her rag-doll leg up, the glossy pink pump flinging from her foot, spiraling across the room and smacking into a wall on Aaliyah's side of the room. The jolt of the sudden burst of noise, overpowering her chill-tunes, caused her to ghost out, immediately also falling through her bed and smacking into the floor under it with audible thunder and "Aaauugh!"

QUOTE (Still Satan)
“There is something outside. Like, something lurking in the bushes. I’m not even messing with you right now. I am totally freaked out.”

Kitty dragged her ass out from under the bed, crawling to her knees, trying to figure out what was, and was not, real. She looked up, huffed out an, "Aaliyah," under her breath, but remained on her hands and knees, messy hair desperately trying to stay directly in her vision. Her already askew vision, because one eye would not open, stuck asleep, like she'd had a stroke.

QUOTE (Yes @ Satan)
“What do we do?"

Kitty sat on her knees and rubbed the sleep out of her wonky eye, bobbing her glasses up in the process. She glanced the clock with her other eye. The... medicine... had worn off by now, but she was still groggy. And the panicked demon mom was really fucking with her vibez.

Kitty sighed a little, almost whining, "I don't know, dude!" She looked toward the window Aaliyah had rushed over to. "What?" It was a genuine question, she wasn't processing what was being said to her, yet. So she had to take a second, a deep breath, and stretch her eyes before she could finally push herself up off the floor and join Aaliyah at the window. And she definitely needed that window cill for leverage.

She looked down at the haunting little gremlin, sneered her lip and side-eyed the fuck out of Aaliyah. "That's just one of your demons, go to bed." She rolled her eyes and looked back down. ...Only, it wasn't a demon. It was a girl, walking out into the grass and into enough light from one of the spotlights surrounding the school that it was obviously not a manifestation of Aaliyah's powers.

"Oh my God." Kitty mocked apathetically. "It's a whole little girl." This is what scared Aaliyah...?

"Hm. Your friend's saying something..."

QUOTE (Satan's Worst Nightmare)
” 'ewuh….eh desh eh cool or mudan chiren? I m eh mudan chyl.”

"What the hell did she say?" She couldn't hear through the muffle of the window. And knowing this girl couldn't possible see any details in the dark from this distance, and would assuredly just think their windows were open (right?), Kitty shoved her face forward, ghosting right through the glass itself.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY?!" She banshee screamed down to her.

Aaliyah Edmonds Laura Kinney
Mar 14 2017, 05:29 PM
Location: Outside Deerfield High
Date: Friday, January 13

She had a run in her faded red and white candy striped stockings. Her busted, scuffed brown boots were untied and sloppy, and one had split at the toe earlier that day, leaving her with wet-foot all day, and she was pretty sure one of her toes needed to be amputated. And like, the big toe, an important one. Her heavy, purple valor skirt draped down to her knees, with the hem worn and leaving frizzy ugliness to splay out every which way. Her mustard yellow shirt with a white and orange band logo - The Festering Boils - was a few sizes too big, and had a nice, ripe blue ink stain down near her hip. She wore a black and red scarf that made her look a bit portlier than she was. Her oversized army-green jacket had holes and scuffs and a big fuzzy hood, where most of the fuzz had worn into little jacket dreads. Glasses for days, and greasy, curly, boring hair. Her makeup consisted of a splotch of spaghetti sauce still smeared out from the corner of her mouth up her cheek, and she had bits of lunch still in her hair, hours later. She looked like that, and she missed the bus. Of course someone was going to say something.

"Why don't you try some Maybelline, Pryde?"

It came from a pair of girls trudging through the snow toward the student parking lot. Kitty was sitting on an old wooden bench outside of the school bus ring, waiting for the public bus to stop by the school, which some students took home after extracurriculars.
Kitty, despite all her motivation to graduate high and attend Berkley or whatever, had no extracurriculars, she was just late. Probably a subconscious decision, considering the bus fiasco a few days ago, the confusion surrounding how all those kids survived, and Kitty's paranoia that anyone might impossibly suspect her as the culprit behind her entire bus and all the kids becoming verifiable ghosts and not crashing into that flipped big-rig.

She looked up at them as they passed her, flicked them off proudly, and then dropped her hand defeated when she remembered she was wearing heavy-knit Squirtle mittens, and it just looked like she had awkwardly waved to them. She opted out of a verbal reply after that modest embarrassment, and instead dove her hands into her basic blue backpack, fishing around her for phone. She felt like she should let her parents know she'd be a little late, but couldn't quite make her thumbs type her password in through the mittens. She inevitably gave up because it was way more work biting her gloves off her hands than she felt like expelling, because it didn't even really matter. She just wanted to look busy incase someone else decided to call her out on her bullshit in the parking lot and she couldn't flick them off either.

She saw the public bus peeling around the corner, a little faster than it should have, but she was happy, eagerly trying to zip up her backpack with her mittened hands, but failing. She just pulled the straps over her shoulders and hoped nothing would fall out. That's when a splatter of slush kicked up from under the bus' tire and smacked her in the lap. She didn't really care, but it was just another issue with the day.

As the door opened, she came up to the side to ask the driver, "Are you going to Fat Ham?" It was the name of her street. And when the driver shook his head, Kitty relented and plopped right back down on the bench. She'd have another twenty minutes to wait, at the very least.

Today was a boring day. A regular day. But unfortunately, she had the pangs of paranoia still circulating through her mind about what had transpired only days before. Kitty had done okay hiding her mutant abilities for a few years now. Every so often something weird would happen, and her friends would laugh it off, but that bus scandal was something brand new. She'd acted on impulse. The big-rig had already lost control and flipped, blocking the roadway. Her bus driver couldn't seem to get any traction with the brakes, and it looked as though they were all going to die. They should have died. They should've crashed and died dead, because that's what would have happened had Kitty not been there.

She'd activated her ghosty power thing, and turned the entire damn bus intangible, with everyone in it. She knew she could cause other objects and people to go intangible, but she had never tried with something so big. In fact, she fell asleep almost immediately after and drooled over down her sweater until they got to her road. Somebody had to wake her up and everything.

So, while she was grateful today had been so boring and regular, she was still all fidgety every time somebody decided to address her. Even if it was about shampoo. That bus better hurry...
Mar 14 2017, 02:14 PM

    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Katherine Anne Pryde
    Nickname(s): Kitty, half-pint, short-stack, Nerd
    Age: 16
    DOB: January 15

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: Shadowcat
    Alliance: X-Men
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Canon

    Place of residence: Deerfield, Illinois
    Occupation: On Call governmental hacker
    Year in school: Junior


    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Hair: Mousy
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin: Mayonnaise

    Build: Petite, yet well fed. Good legs, though.
    Dress: A little frumpy, a little dumpy, a little grungy, a little chic. She might wear her dad's ratty old college sweatshirt with holes in it one day, or cut off jean shorts and cute leggings the next, who really knows?
    Other: Aside from a scar here and there, none.

    Play-By: Olivia Luccardi

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Technology, garbage food (Taco Bell), Pokemon, cultural awareness, weed.
    Dislikes: Asparagus, corrupt leaders, farms, capital punishment, bad breath.

    Goals: Graduate with honors, marry Jewish, die rich.
    Fears: Dependence, dirty underwear car crash, tax season.

    Strengths: Selective genius, adventurous, advantageous, strong willed.
    Weaknesses: Social ineptitude, some paranoia, atrocious at domestic activities.

    Best subject: Computational Linguistics
    Worst subject: Home Economics
    Extracurriculars: Completing mandatory Community Service; Roller Derby

    General Personality:
    • Dirtbag Weirdo Nerd: Kitty is the smartest garbage can anybody has ever met. While she has genius level qualities to her, she does not fit the stereotypical personality type that might go with that. She does not spend her life with her nose in books, though she is an avid researcher. She's messy, she has little regard for real etiquette, and just likes to be as comfortable as possible. While she is not lazy by any means, she doesn't recognize clutter as a bad thing.
    • Social Dunce: Kitty is not a crowd pleaser. She cannot walk into a party and become best friends with everyone around her. She is much better at maintaining long relationships with a selective group who can grow to understand her particular brand of dumb-stuff humor and weird habits. She is terrible at small talk, and even worse at lying, but she has a way of charming even the most stubborn of mules with her off-brand demeanors. She has some whimsy in the way she articulates herself, often favoring comfortable dialogue over proper discourse.
    • Aghast Leader: Given her history and experience navigating the hackers community, Kitty has some innate tactical advantages when it comes to field operations. She works best under high pressured circumstances, enabling her to maintain a level of focus others might not have in the same situations. She can stick to a goal while adapting her methods every step of the way when necessary changes must be made. This does not mean that she will find followers to command, but rather that she has an agreeable presence in high stakes scenarios.

    Mutant Power(s): Kitty has the ability to create a magnetic repulsion within her body enabling her to achieve the following feats:
    • Intangibility: Kitty is able to shift her body into an intangible state, allowing her to move, or “phase”, through solid objects. This is achieved by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the matter she is moving through. She can remain inside a solid object for as long as she can hold her breath. She can selectively choose parts of her body to become intangible, while other parts remain solid. She is able to extend her intangibility to anything she is in physical contact with, including her clothing, other objects, and even other people. The more matter she extends her intangibility to, the harder it is to maintain the state, and the quicker she loses energy and focus.
    • Air-Walking: While Kitty is intangible, she does not physically walk on solid ground, but rather maintains a form of hovering, the magnetic repulsion interacting with the space above the ground. This allows her to create the illusion that she is standing. She is able to stand, walk, or run on air as high as she can breath.
    • Electronic Interruption: With the right repulsion frequency, electronic equipment is disrupted when she passes through it. Though she does not yet have the know how to control the exact effects, she often shuts down, short circuits, overloads, or even wholesale destroys the equipment. When using this specific effect, she can sometimes create similar effects on other human bodies by interacting with their natural bioelectric waves, enabling her to shock them or induce vertigo.
    • Telepathic Resistance: While Kitty is intangible, she creates an innate “white noise” on the psychic plane, somewhat masking her presence. This gives her some resistance to psychic intrusion, though she has no control of this, and it is unreliable at best.
    • Unconscious Ejection: Kitty's abilities have a natural safety restriction that prevents wholesale tangibility if she has an object passing through her, or is fully inside an object. If her atoms are phased with other matter for too long, that matter will eventually break apart and be ejected from her body. This prevents her from accidental death, even if she becomes trapped within an object for any reason.
    Biggest Drawback(s): Kitty is limited by her ability to breathe. If she faints or is unable to regain consciousness for any reason while phasing through an object, she could end up stuck for some time. While her body retains a natural “ejection” method, preventing full tangibility until she is clear of alien matter, this does not prevent suffocation. Certain energy and matter is difficult for her to pass through, which can result in pain, even if she does not show physical damage (example: adamantium)

    Non-mutant power(s): Selective Genius: Kitty's genius comes in the form of computer science. She understands technology on a fundamental level, giving her unrivaled aptitude in programming, enabling her extremely advanced hacking abilities.

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois
    Birthplace: Deerfield, Illinois
    Family: Cameron Pryde (father), Theresa Pryde (mother), Nina Pryde (aunt), Kenneth Pryde (cousin)

    Criminal Record: Yes

    History: Kitty was born and raised in Deerfield, Illinois to parents Cameron and Theresa. Along with a traditional and, by appearances, “happy” childhood, Kitty exhibited exceptional understanding of computer science from an extremely early age. Considered a savant in the field, she was studying university level material before her tenth birthday, and began hacking into systems before her teens. She became the mysterious hacking personality known as “Sprite”, who found joy in leaving her electronic signature wherever she'd gone. She often participated in “games” with fellow hackers, where they would try to create unhackable systems and battle to find loopholes into others' systems.

    At the tender age of twelve, nerdy weirdo Kitty found her way into CIA systems and uncovered mass amounts of classified documentation. With her hacking sphere as large as it'd become, her mysterious alias known all throughout the world, this was a feat that changed her hacking reputation forever. While she was always seen as morally sound, this was a very bad thing that she ended up doing, and solely based on curiosity. While her intention was not necessarily bad, her impact was huge, and the hacking community became fearful of her, tag teaming in order to find her, bring her down, and reveal her true identity. And when it was revealed she was just a twelve year old little girl, the entire hacking community fell into shock.

    For such an immense crime, Kitty was sentenced to two years of juvenile detention. However, after falling victim to many girl-fights, getting her ass kicked on a weekly basis, the onset of severe migraines, and otherwise good behavior, Kitty was released after only six months. Her year and a half probationary period consisted of a technological black-out, preventing her from using so much as a basic landline telephone. She spent six months under house arrest, and another three in intensive debriefing with government counselors making she whatever she did know would remain classified. Her probation officer recommended self defense classes as a way to fill the void of her technological blackout, and as a necessity for getting her ass kicked so much in juvie. She also joined a Youth Roller Derby League using the monicker derby name "Darlene" based on her favorite character of all time, Darlene Connor from Roseanne. That would be her new normal for the foreseeable future.

    After exemplary behavior, Kitty's probation was halved, allowing her access to a cellular device and some travel. This only lasted a short time before she found herself in trouble again, having used her phone to hack into her middle school's computers. However, the charges were dropped when the authorities were informed she had only done so as part of a class assignment, showing how easily technology can be manipulated.

    This led to Kitty being in direct contact with the very people she was in trouble with from the beginning. The CIA contacted her, deciding to drop her remaining probation entirely should she agree to help them on a case. She did so under the new hacking personality “Shroud”, creating advanced firewalls to prevent further hacking, and eventually would be called on several times over for temporarily aiding the government with hacking issues.

    It was around this time that Kitty's migraines had begun getting the best of her. Her parents believed it was the stress of the very adult life she'd lived thus far, specialists believed her brand of genius was taking a toll on her, but there were no actual answers and no resolution in sight. She started utilizing medicinal weed to help cope and became a bit of a hippie through the use.

    Finally, one day, Kitty woke up from a night terror and found herself dropping straight through her bed, her floor, the main level of her house, all the way down to the basement. Having no clue what had just happened to her, she went about her day trying to mask her disorientation. She chose not to tell anyone, however it became rather challenging to hide when she started uncontrollably phasing through doors. She ended up leaving school early when she wasn't able to pick up any of her lunch because her hands kept moving through it. The only people she informed were her parents, and only because her mother witnessed her powers first hand when Kitty fell through the living room sofa. However, eventually Kitty came to realize those pesky migraines must have been connected to the manifestation of her abilities, because the more she exhibited, the less migraines she had. However, the new fear developed that she'd eventually ghost-out for good.

    For the next few years, Kitty was able to maintain her secret while discovering new aspects of her abilities all the time.
[About You]
    Name: Kevin
    Age: 20s
    Desired Member Title: What?
    Recommended By: Ben
    Messengers Used: If not here, skype.
    Time Zone: US Eastern

    Preferred character audition scene: Vouched
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: Something fun and groovy.
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