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Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

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Jay Guthrie


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Apr 20 2017, 09:00 PM
Tues, Feb. 7, 4pm.
Runnin' Home to You

During the day hours, the observatory was less used. Most people found the stars more interesting to see through the lens. Not that it mattered much to Jay, as he wasn't there to look at the sky, but, he had a feeling the giant domed space would have great acoustics. Add to that, that it was quiet and commonly less populated, and it was a good enough space for the teen to brood.

He'd brought his guitar, the instrument held by a strap around his shoulder while he took a walk around the large telescope, pointed upward, and passed that, the glass ceiling, and further still, the sky. It was cloudy out and flakes still fell gracefully from them. He hadn't seen much snow in his life, and never a full on blizzard. He was aware that it was the same sky as back home, but it looked so different here.

He took the guitar from off his shoulder and strummed a few bars as a test. The sound easily filled the room, with a reverb that added a warmth to the notes. The strumming settled into a tune.

"Can't say how the days will unfold
Can't change what the future may hold
But, I want you in it
Every hour, every minute..."

He walked slowly, as he sang and let his imagination take him back to another time. He had sang the song to Julia, and he sang to her now, his gaze far away, seeing her face, smiling brightly.

"This world can race by far too fast
Hard to see while it's all flying past
But, it's clear now
When you're standing here now
I am meant to be wherever you are next to me.

All I want to do
Is come running home to you
Come running home to you
And all my life I promise to
Keep running home to you
Keep running home
To you..."

He paused walking, and his wings flared out from behind him as his voice grew in creshendo. Emotion filled his chest, while he sang, not toward a memory, but to the sky as the snow fell against a pale blue sky.

"And I could see it
Right from the start
Right from the start
That you would be,
Be my light in the dark
Light in the dark
Oh, you gave me no other choice
But to love you."

The strumming softened again, along with his voice, and Jay's eyes drifted closed as he sank to sit on an arched bench along the wall of the circular room. He finished the song with tears leaving trails along the round of his cheeks.

"All I want to do
Is come running home to you
Come running home to you
And all my life I promise to
Keep running home to you
Keep running home
Home to you

Can't say how the days will unfold
Can't change what the future may hold
But, I want you in it
Every hour

... every minute."
Apr 18 2017, 08:06 PM
There must be a thousand ways
Holding us within this maze
Every path we take leads us astray ...

Jay Guthrie is the oldest of ten children in his family. He grew up on a farm in Kentucky, and does have a southern drawl accent. In general, he's soft-spoken and fairly responsible, not one to break rules arbitrarily (Although never say never--he is a teenager after all), and has a good heart. However, at present, he's dealing with a great loss and a lot of guilt and pain that causes him to regress socially as he feels very alone in the world.

RP prompts

-Music (Jay loves most types of music and it's an easy way to lure him out of his shell, or one can catch him playing his guitar)
-Food (Even emo kids have to come out to eat. I can see Jay cooking up some Southern comfort food when he's homesick)
-Breaking up fights (It's in his nature to be the mediator if others are arguing/fighting)
-Going to clubs (Jay would get lured into the city by the call of seeing live bands.)

All ideas are welcome!!

((Also, as this character deals with potential trigger warnings for self-harm/suicide...if this is a problem please just let me know!))
Apr 12 2017, 08:24 PM

    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Joshua Guthrie
    Nickname(s): Jay, Josh
    Alias(es): None
    Age: 17
    DOB: 10/12

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: Icarus
    Alliance: X-Men
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Comics Canon

    Place of residence: Bayville, NY
    Occupation: Student/Musician
    Year in school: Senior


    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 130 lbs (appears about 160, but lighter due to hollow bones)
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Light, Caucasian

    Build: Jay stands at average height with a lean and well-toned figure from a life of chores on a farm and keeping active with helping care for his nine siblings. His hands bare the roughness of both physical labor and countless hours strumming a guitar. From his back protrude twin, brilliant red, feathered wings large enough to span his body and aid him in flight.

    Dress: Jay’s dress code is pretty casual. His clothing is generally a mixture of a southern good-ol-boy and a rocker. He loves his jeans, even if they’re ripped, and t-shirts or sleeveless tees, since they allow better movement for his wings.
    Other: Aside from his wings, none.

    Play-By: Jackson Rathbone

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Country music, Rock music, Soul food, Chocolate chip pancakes, playing guitar, singing, animals, flying, working with his hands, Willow trees, poetry, Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games
    Dislikes: The Cabot family, Anyone who’s never done a hard day’s work, math, kids who pointlessly rebel or break rules, anyone insinuating he’s too young to love, bigotry, Any food he can’t pronounce, rap music, the rain, staying indoors too much, having to hide his wings

    Goals: Making it as a professional musician, making his family proud of him, not always playing second fiddle to Sam, reuniting with Julia, finding other reasons to go on living.
    Fears: That the pain and guilt of Julia’s death will never fade, That his memories of her will fade, Further revenge being taken out on his family, losing any more of his family, that he’ll end up stuck in Kentucky for the rest of his life

    Strengths: Strong sense of right vs. wrong, tenacious, loyal, prone to thinking before acting, soft spoken, hard-working, Good negotiator/mediator
    Weaknesses:: His guilt over feeling that he caused Julia’s death, survivor’s guilt, suicidal nature, depression, sensitive, obvious mutation, tends to distance himself from others

    Best subject: English
    Worst subject: Math
    Extracurriculars: Creative Writing, Music Appreciation/History

    General Personality:
    Responsibility may have been forced reluctantly upon him, but he learned it all the same, and as such, Jay developed a strong sense of right vs. wrong. He’s not one to dabble in mischief, or trouble-make for the heck of it. While Jay loves his family very much, he also harbors a bit of resentment, towards his mother for ‘shipping him off’ and making him leave home where all his memories of his girlfriend who had died were and towards his brother, Sam, whom he has always felt he has lived in the shadow of. For having such a large family, and now being a home still full of people, he feels completely alone.

    Jay is also secretly spiritual. It is not something that he readily shares with others, mostly because he is still searching for that something to believe in. He was raised Catholic and prays and believes in God, but he also enjoys learning about other religions, and is open-minded to other lifestyles. He believes in the words ‘do not judge, less you be judged.’

    In combative situations, Jay prefers to fight cleverly over diving in head first. He’ll always try and find the least destructive way to handle an opponent. But he doesn’t enjoy fighting. He’s seen enough feuding in his days to last him a lifetime and so he prefers to end things quickly and with the least amount of damage, and would prefer first to talk things out.

    These days Joshua however, trauma has clouded his judgement on some of these ideals. He has become depressed and aloof. His girlfriend committed suicide because she thought he had died, and the way that she sacrificed herself to be with him in death weighs heavily on him. He feels a tremendous amount of guilt for not having died, and survivor’s guilt not being able to die to be with her. He loved her, fully and completely, and her loss has left him feeling empty, finding it very difficult to care about anything. The pain can cause him to make unhealthy decisions, ones that he would not make normally but that he finds ways to justify; such as the attempts at taking his life.

    Generally, he is more likely to simply regress from a social situation and opt to spend time alone, however, he also has a few sore spots that make him angry and he’s very vocal when he gets upset. These sore spots include people continually telling him he will ‘get over it’ or that he and his former girlfriend were too young to be in real love. His refuge is his guitar. He still loves to play and it’s one of the few things left in his life that he can find joy in.


    Mutant Power(s):

    Joshua’s most obvious mutant ability is in the form of two bright red, feathered wings. The wings, along with his hollow-bone physique allow him flight. He is quite agile in the air, swooping, diving, turning with grace and speed. His wings are also directly connected with his healing factor. They provide a flow of enzymes that aid in the super healing. Without his wings, he heals normally. He can fold his wings, pressing them close to his body as a way to help hide them with little more than a bulge under his clothing.

    His respiratory system is more efficient in it's way of obtaining oxygen from the air, as with high altitude birds, allowing him to reach heights of upward to 10,000 feet (Approx. 2 miles) without much effort and can fly for several hours unabated. He could potentially fly even higher, up to the highest record known for birds to fly, however the pressure and strain upon his body means he could only do this for a few minutes. He can fly with some weight, up to a small person-around 130 lbs.

    Healing: This ability allows him to be able to heal wounds at a tremendously faster rate than an average human. This includes any kind of physical injury as well as illness and poison, alcohol or drugs. His body is actually constantly healing itself, as the enzymes are located within his blood and therefore always present and flowing. This keeps him remaining in top health, not just healing injuries. When he is injured, his body heals itself at an average rate of 300 times the speed of an average human, with minor injuries healing in seconds, more substantial wounds in minutes, and what would take another person weeks, would take about a day. Even on the brink of death, his body will continue to heal, keeping him alive. He cannot however, regenerate loss of limbs.

    Vocal cords: Jay’s vocal cords can emulate any sound that he has previously heard. He can also simulate his single voice to sound like a choir and it has a disarming, hypnotic effect. Not true hypnosis where he can tell people what to do, but it can distinctly calm a person. His voice still has a normal range, so it only has an effect within earshot, and naturally, is ineffective on anyone who cannot hear.

    Biggest Drawback(s):
    The biggest and most obvious flaw of his powers is that his wings are visibly obvious. He can try to hide them by folding them and covering up, but it’s not ideal and most of the time, they are visible, therefore he must wear an image inducer at school. Also, a flaw to him is his healing factor. Even aside from it not allowing him the option to end his own life, little things like not being able to get a lasting tattoo annoy him.

    Non-mutant power(s): Guitar—He can play both acoustic and electric, but he owns and uses most the acoustic.
    Singer-Even before his powers manifested, Jay could sing well.
    Writing-Mostly kept private, Jay writes poetry and music/lyrics.

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: Cumberland, Kentucky
    Birthplace: Cumberland, Kentucky
    Family: Thomas Zebulon Guthrie (father- Deceased), Lucinda Guthrie(Mother)
    Siblings: Sam(brother), Paige (sister), Joelle (sister), Elizabeth (sister), Melody (sister), Jebediah (brother), Lewis (brother), Young twin siblings

    Criminal Record: No

    Joshua is the eldest son of Thomas and Lucinda Guthrie, and one of ten children in the large family. Despite Josh having been born first, it was his brother Sam who always ‘felt’ older. It was like he came out of the womb a responsible young man, and Josh often felt overlooked because of it. It wasn’t that Josh didn’t try to be the best big brother he could, but his head was far too often in the clouds. He dreamed of leaving and having adventures, and he would rush through chores to be with his friends, or wander off to practice his guitar. And whenever Sam proved to be more reliable, Josh accepted the opportunity to skip out, pushing his resentment down in favor of his freedom.

    When Josh was 16, his father Zeke died while working in the coal mines. Of course, it was Sam who took over the job at the mine to support the family, and was the major role model and father figure in the younger kids lives. Although he had never wanted the role, Josh too got a job to help out. It was the first time he’d outwardly shown any competitiveness toward Sam, but their father’s death, and seeing how his brother had stepped up had made him feel inadequate, and a bit useless.

    He got a job busing tables at a local diner which led him to meet Julia Cabot, a waitress there. It was not long before the two began dating and not much longer than that when they had fallen in love. The romance was ill-fated however, since Julia’s family and Jay’s had a long-standing feud for reasons hardly anyone remembered. It didn’t matter though, hatred was hatred, and Cabots made their disapproval well known.

    Despite this, Jay and Julia’s romance blossomed. Jay even found the happiness to make time to still play with his band. With her, nothing seemed to be able to dampen his spirit, not even the terribly painful days when two brightly colored wings grew forth from his back. He was scared, but he’d trusted Julia enough to confide in her, and was there for him, comforting him and promising they would figure out what to do, together. Although he had hid his wings at first, from his family, eventually, Julia convinced him to tell them, and his mother’s reaction was to hug him tightly.

    He was supposed to keep them hidden however, at least when not on the farm. But Josh and his friends came up with the brilliant plan to use his wings as a stage gimmick, and the ‘trick’ worked, the crowd loving it. The boys at least, made the effort to keep it a trick by ending each show with a display of folding back the ‘fake’ wings so no one was the wiser.

    One night, Julia’s father followed her to where the boys were playing and saw he saw Jay and Julia on stage after the show, sharing kiss. Seeing them together was enough to spark his outrage and he would not allow his daughter to be with the Guthrie boy. After the show, he came up to Jay when he was alone and attacked him, striking him on the head. Satisfied, he left the body, but Julia found him shortly after he’d been left dead and believed him to be just that. Horrified and heartbroken, she dragged his body to the nearby river where the pair had spent so many late nights making plans for the rest of their lives. She dragged his body to the river, wrapped her arms around him and sank to the bottom.

    No one at that point had been aware that Jay’s mutant powers also involved an accelerated healing factor. As it kicked in, Jay awoke at the bottom of the river with Julia in his arms. Desperately, he carried her to the shore, but it was too late. She was gone. Distraught, Jay attempted to stab a piece of wood through his heart several times, in order to join her in death, but he continued to live. Eventually, he had no choice but to give up and he took Julia’s body home. The Cabots were appalled by Julia’s death while Jay still lived, and it re-fueled the hatred they had for the Guthrie clan. Jay felt that he had not only cost Julia her life, but, potentially caused more harm to his family.

    He had seemed to give up on everything, even attempting suicide several more times, always thwarted by his healing ability. His mother, having been contacted by a man who told her that there was a place for kids like Josh and both fearing retribution from the Cabots and feeling that it would be in her son’s best interest, decided to send him to New York, despite Jay’s protests about leaving.
[About You]
    Name: Audrey
    Age: 40
    Desired Member Title: Pretty Bird
    Recommended By: None
    Messengers Used: PMs are best
    Time Zone: EST

    Preferred character audition scene: We could do a thread of someone picking him up at the airport as he arrives in NY. Or, his mother drove him, and is there to drop him off.

    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: Having him make some friends, try and break up a fighting between the X-kids and Brotherhood, Find a new outlet for his music, sneak into clubs to see bands, and eventually, start to see hope by being one of the X-men and helping people.
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