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Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

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 Jonothan Silvercloud, Forge
Jonothan Silvercloud
 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 02:33 PM
Quote Post

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Group: Members
Posts: 2
Joined: 30-March 17
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Age: 16
Mutant Power: Subconcious Engineering Genius
Codename: Forge
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Written by: Zeke
Cerebro File | Board History
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    user posted image
    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Jonothan Silvercloud
    Nickname(s): Forge, Jon
    Age: Physically and Mentally 16, actual 34
    DOB: March 20th

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: Forge
    Alliance: X-Men
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Evo Canon

    Place of residence: X-Mansion
    Occupation: Student, Tech Support, Electronics Repair
    Year in school: Junior


    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 150lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Skin: Tan

    Build: Forge's build is solid. He didn't end up all that tall after his growth spurt and has filled out since then. He isn't bulky or overly muscled, but he isn't thin either.
    Dress: Forge tends to dress pretty plainly; usually in jeans and a tee shirt (most of which have nerdy themes like Star Wars) or plaid button up.
    Other: Forge has both earlobes pierced. He will eventually have cybernetic limbs.

    Play-By: Booboo Stewart

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Farscape, etc.
    Videogames of all kinds
    Tinkering or building
    Staying up late working, fueled by junk food
    Sharing any knowledge he has with others
    Techno music (any electronica really) as well as some classics like Rollings Stones, Metallica, The Beetles, and Queen
    Dislikes: Having to act professional
    Stuck up people that can't appreciate nerdieness
    Typical beds (he prefers hammocks)

    Goals: Find his family, help Xavier build his school, build some cool stuff.
    Fears: Not being able to interact with people after being alone for so long, getting lost in his build trance, never finding his parents, being found by Naze.

    Strengths: Forge can focus on a single thing for long periods of time. He forms very powerful emotional attachments to people and will do almost anything for his friends. He’s driven to fix things and will often try and resolve issues or problems without being asked.
    Weaknesses: Forge is a man out of time and has trouble connecting with people after his isolation. He can get obsessive about things that are new or interesting, to the exclusion of almost everything else in his life. He’s a big naïve and is apt to see the best in people even when they are up to no good.

    Best subject: Engineering, Science, Math
    Worst subject: English, History, Social Sciences
    Extracurriculars: Robotics club

    General Personality: First and foremost, Forge is a nerd. He loves anything science, science fiction, or fantasy. He’s very aware of his passions and isn’t ashamed of them, even if others would make fun of him for it.

    Awkward: Forge has always been a bit awkward. As a child he was often beyond the other children intellectually and they didn’t understand his love for machines. He also didn’t fit in with his tribe, preferring to spend his time tinkering rather than learning about his people’s history. When he got to high school, he was labeled a nerd, and he was, and had a hard time making friends. This pushed him to spend more time with machines and less with people. The biggest factor of his social problems is the fact he has spend half his life trapped in the middle-verse. He spend 18 years in Bayville High being able to see and hear everyone around him, but completely undetectable to them. Now that he’s back, he wants to interact with people, but has trouble doing so. Sometimes he forgets people can see and hear him and can get overwhelmed in large groups. He keeps trying despite his failures.

    Analytical: Forge’s greatest love is machines and he tends to see the world like a big machine. He's prone to studying situations and people before joining in and often has logical reactions to events before he had emotional ones. This can make him seem cold at times, but he still feels things even if it's not till later.

    Fixer: Forge likes to fix things. For machines it's pretty obvious. With his mutation, there are very few things Forge can't repair and he feels the same kind of sympathy for a broken toaster most people feel for a lost puppy. He also likes to try and fix people, though they are far more complicated and his powers provide little help. Forge will go to great lengths to try and help his friends if he feels like something is wrong, whether they want his help or not.

    Pan-demisexual: Because of the altered structure of his brain, Forge has an amazing ability to learn and design, but there are things that had to be sacrificed to allow this. The parts of his brain that regulate attraction and sex drive are physically smaller in his brain than normal humans and are harder for neural impulses to reach. The result is that Forge generally doesn't feel any physical or sexual attraction to people and is often oblivious to advances made to him. He can eventually develop these feelings for people but only after he's built a strong emotional attachment to them. Because the sexual attraction is being derived through the emotional bond, it's independent of the person's physical appearance. So Forge has no care of the person's physical sex, appearance, or even if the look human.

    Up-Beat: Despite everything that’s happened, Forge often sees the world with a positive outlook. He’s a gas tank half full kind of guy. That being said, when he’s feeling down, it usually had a pretty strong cause and it isn’t that easy to cheer him up. Forge is also prone to reflecting the moods of people around him. If he’s in a situation with people that are somber, he’ll start to feel it too.


    Mutant Power(s): On a base level, Jon's mutation is a physical one that has changed the anatomy of his brain, removing the lateralization found in standard human and mutant brains. The practical effect of this is a superhuman mechanical and electrical intuition.

    Mechanical and Electrical Intuition: Forge's has no hemispheres, its one solid organ. Because of this, the amount of communication between the two halves is much higher than in other humans or mutants. Because of this he can understand mechanical and electrical systems and design in a way that is very intuitive and more like an art than a science. He designs machines more like a rapper writing lyrics or a painter painting that an engineer. All of the mathematics and physics behind the designing process is done by his subconscious and he isn't aware of it.

    This means that he can design machines to do just about anything with more or less minimal conscious effort on his part. All he has to do to trigger his power is want to make a machine that does something. The creative part of his mind starts coming up with a design and the logical part does the calculations simultaneously. Depending on the complexity of what the machine needs to do, he can have a design in anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. The only requirement on his part is a clear idea of what he wants it to do and to not be too distracted with other thinking.

    While designing, he enters a kind of low consciousness state, similar to someone who has woken up in the middle of the night, because most of his brain is working on the design. While in this state he has trouble doing complex tasks or holding in depth conversations, but he is aware of what is going on around him and can end the design process early if he needs his full attention for something. Doing so can be detrimental to the design and set it back, require more time to complete when he starts again.

    After designing he know exactly what the device should look like and how big the parts should be, not in numbers, but visually. He can then construct the object. However his power doesn't give him any enhanced building abilities so he has had to learn machining and tool working on his own like a normal person. The building process is sort of trance like. Once he’s entered the trance, his looses all conscious though and his body and mind work on a sort of autopilot to build what he has designed. While in this state, he can react to his physical environment; avoiding hot objects, stepping around obstacles and the like, but he can’t processes more complex information. Some shouting that the building is on fire or sight of a scary beast breaking though the door won’t phase him in the slightest. Enough pain, or a loud enough sound will jar him out of the trance, but other than that it will only end when the device is complete, or he is unable to continue; such as hes run out of materials or is too physically exhausted.

    After he completes a device the design fades from his mind, making it very difficult for him to build two of the same device. He knows how to work the device, and what all the controls do, but not the principles of its operation. To figure that out, he would have to take it apart and figure it out like anyone else.

    Besides making his own designed, he can reverse intuit existing machines, looking at them and what they are doing his subconscious apply a similar processes to designing to interpolate how the device functions or should function. This means he can fix broken things and learns how to operate any device just by watching it. He can't use is power to copy the function of a device and build a new one, just fix them. And he can't fix them if they are too far from functioning to understand what they were supposed to do.

    Amplified Telepathic Signature: A side effect of his increased brain activity is an amplified metal voice. To telepaths, it seems as though he is always blasting his thoughts with the volume turned up to 11. His makes it hard for him to hide from telepaths or keep them from hearing this thoughts. However, if the telepath is inexperienced or has trouble blocking others mental voices, Forge’s thoughts can be overwhelming and painfully loud. When he is in a build trance and his conscious mind is suppressed, Forge is easily accessed by telepaths. They are free to sift through his thoughts or puppet his body. However they have to get past the painfully loud quality of his mind and also navigate a very foreign and mechanical mindscape to do so.

    Cybernetics: Eventually Forge will get a cybernetic leg and arm. Specific details will be confirmed with admins before being added to the bio and available in game.

    Biggest Drawback(s): The biggest drawback of Forge’s powers is the lack of conscious involvement he has in them. It frustrates him that he often has to spend days studying something he built to understand how it actually works and that he has to go into an unconscious state to build things. Although he tries not to show it, hes scared that one time he won’t come back and will just stay a construction zombie for the rest of his life.

    Non-mutant power(s): Even without his powers, Forge is a brilliant mechanist and engineer. He’s been watching the development of computer technology since it became available and is an excellent programmer and software designer. To make the best use of his powers, Forge has also had to develop fine machine skills and is very proficient at milling, electronics soldering, and fine metal working.

    [Background Check]

    Hometown:Bayville, NY
    Birthplace: Cheyenne Reservation, Montana, United States of America
    Family: Abequa - Mother, Vohkinne - Father, Naze - Uncle

    Criminal Record: No

    History: Jonathon was born on the Cheyenne reservation under a particular set of stars that indicated he was to be a "gifted" child. Because of this, he studied with his uncle, the Shaman Naze.

    Around puberty he started to notice something strange. Whenever he had a problem, he would blank out for a bit, and then an image of exactly the thing he needed to solve the problem would pop into his mind. He immediately took this to be the gift foretold by the stars of this birth. He started building simple machines, wheel barrows and irrigation siphons and even a small windmill to grind grain. He was proud of his accomplishments.

    Naze, however, was not. Instead of seeing the boy's talent as the gift he was supposed to have, he saw the development of technology as a diversion from Jon's spiritual growth and forbid the boy to make any more devices.

    This embittered Jon and concerned his parents who began to feel Naze was getting too controlling of their son. After Naze tried to abduct Jon to remove him from his distractions, his parents decided it was time to leave. They contacted other members of the tribe that had left to integrate with society, and moved to New York so that Forge could better explore his talents.

    He quickly absorbed all the new information available to him at school and the library and rapidly developed a taste for tinkering. He was showing a lot of promise once he was in high school and was already being noticed by engineering colleges when he had an accident with a prototype device he was working on and got shifted into a pocked dimension he calls the middle-verse. He could see and hear everything going on in the real world, but was unable to interact with it. He passed through physical objects and no one could seem to see or hear him. Even worse, the boundaries of this pocket dimension didn’t extend past the limits of the school building, meaning Forge was trapped as an effective ghost in his high school for 18 years. Fortunately time didn’t seem to pass in the middle verse, so Forge has remained physically the same, not aging or needing to eat for his entire imprisonment.

    Forge would remain trapped in a hell of his own making until the device that sent him there was discovered in his old sealed lab…
[About You]
    Name: [So we know what to call you.]
    Age: 26
    Desired Member Title: Technobabble is my first language
    Recommended By: Benji
    Messengers Used: Facebook Messenger if you don’t mind finding me on Facebook. Otherwise email is better: sarikvaster@yahoo.com
    Time Zone: American Central

    Preferred character audition scene: Pretty sure I don’t need one.
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: Getting freed from the Middle-verse, being asked to fix things, getting hit on (lol)
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