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So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
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 Amelia Lindgren
Amelia Lindgren
 Posted: May 20 2017, 11:23 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 2
Joined: 20-May 17
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Age: 16
Mutant Power: N/A
Codename: N/A
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Written by: Trek
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    [Basic Stats]

    Full Name: Amelia Marguerite Lindgren
    Nickname(s): None, but her name sign is the sign for ‘play’, but using the letter ‘a’
    Alias(es): N/A
    Age: 16
    DOB: April 4th

    Classification: Human
    Codename: N/A
    Alliance: Neutral
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Original

    Place of residence: Bayville, NY
    Occupation: Student
    Year in school: Sophomore


    Height: 5’ 2”
    Weight: 117lbs
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: blue
    Skin: Fair

    Build: Petite, average build, athletic but not well muscled. She has a round face that makes her appear younger then she actually is.
    Dress: Amelia dresses with a purpose. She loves skirts and dresses and all things flowing and frilly. In the summer she is almost always in a pair of sandals and light summer dress, usually in yellow or light blue. She loves anything tropical in theme. She also loves leggings, jeggings, and thinks athletic wear is appropriate for almost all situations. During the cooler months she’s forced to settle for jeans and sneakers or boots. She has a growing collection of shoes and accessorizing is considered both a talent and a hobby. She has an outfit for every occasion and likes to look her best. She doesn’t like to think of herself as vain, she just take pride in her appearance and she likes to shop.
    Other: She has a small birthmark on her left hip and mild asthma.

    Play-By: Millicent Simmonds

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Rain, volleyball, hot cocoa, her phone, accessorizing, the beach, sour candies
    Dislikes: Milk, the cold, her middle name (why couldn’t it just be Margaret or a name that wasn’t popular in the 50s), strobe lights

    Goals: Attend Gallaudet University (she hasn’t picked a major),make the Bayville Girls’ Volleyball team, not to humiliate herself on the first day of school
    Fears: Failure, going away to college (she’ll never admit it), dying of cancer like her mother, heights, her father being discovered as a mutant
    Strengths: Her deaf identity. Amelia doesn’t view her lack of hearing as a bad thing, on the contrary it is a gift. Being part of the deaf community, having a beautiful language (ASL), she wouldn’t trade that for anything. She has great communication skills because she spends so much time making sure she is heard and she is multilingual (ASL, English, learning Spanish). She is very driven and self-motivated, and loyal.
    Weaknesses: Amelia is anxious, while she is often carefree and playful she also worries about anything and everything. She is also a perfectionist who doesn’t always know when to take a step back. While she is normally a careful planner she can also be impulsive (especially if she is upset) which can get her into trouble. She is passionate and that sometimes clouds her judgement. Because Amelia is such a careful planner when things go wrong or the unexpected happens she doesn’t handle the sudden change well. She needs to learn to be more adaptable. Instead of rolling with change she often panics instead.

    Best subject: English
    Worst subject: Chemistry
    Extracurriculars: Volleyball

    General Personality:
    When most people first meet Amelia they assume she is very shy, that really isn’t the case, its more that she often can’t be bothered to speak to most hearing people. If they make an effort to try and speak with her she will as well, but if they don’t she won’t. She just doesn’t want to waste her time. If she thinks you’re worth her time you’ll find she has a lot to say about everything.

    Amelia is a very contemplative girl, she likes to collect her thoughts before speaking, always plans ahead, and almost always is running on a schedule. Being spontaneous is fun once and awhile, but she likes to know what to expect. That being said she isn’t one for surprises and she hates to be startled, its just plain rude.

    Amelia goes out of her way to be independent, as if she is trying to prove to the world that she can be. She is vocal when she wants or needs something and doesn’t back away from a challenge. Being deaf in a hearing school she self-advocates. That may be part of the reason she can be so stubborn and where her competitive streak comes from.

    Despite her resilience her actual self-confidence tends to waiver. She’s strong when she has a fight, but is self-critical and quite the worrywart. She never believes her best is good enough and will analyze her ever action/performance to see where she needs improvement or what mistakes she’s made, and she is always striving to do and be better. She also tends to stress over everything, even the little things. Her mother always used to tell her ‘not to cry over spilled milk’, but Amelia still does.

    She is often blunt. Amelia doesn’t waste time, she gets right to the point and can be brutally honest to the point where it’s often mean. She doesn’t intend to be cruel, normally she is just making an observation or stating the obvious. If you’ve put a lot of weight on, she can see it, everyone can see it, why can’t she comment? If you want honest feedback Amelia is the one to ask.

    She doesn’t like surprises, but she is a bit of a daredevil, always willing to try something know-a trait that clashes with her desire for scheduled activities, but a little spontaneity is okay now and then! Life is short, you only live once, so make the most of it. Being adventurous is also another chance to prove herself.

    Defensive. While Amelia is very self-critical she doesn’t handle feedback from others very well. She’ll listen to what you have to say and will then want a full break down of why someone has any negative opinion about her and expect a detailed report that she will argue against tooth and nail. She is also defensive of mutants, her father is a mutant (not a powerful one at all) and hates the idea of anyone mistreating him, he’s a big teddy bear! She’s a protector at her core.

    Insecure, Amelia harbors a lot of self-doubt and social anxiety. She worries she won’t make anything of herself or that she’ll never be good enough for herself or anyone else.

    People often think Amelia is a prude, she isn’t she’s just completely inexperienced and a little frightened at the idea of intimacy, she needs the right person to help her along. She is also quite the romantic. She’s bisexual but is still coming to terms with this and hasn’t made it public knowledge.

    Finally Amelia is loyal and protective for those she cares about and is often described by her friends as being ‘motherly’. She loves to take care of people. Her heart is often in the right place, but sometimes she can be a bit controlling with her mothering habits.


    Mutant Power(s): Nada! She’s human

    Weaknesses: N/A
      Biggest Drawback:N/A
    Non-mutant power(s): Amelia is CPR certified and is a decent dancer (Salsa is her favorite)
    [Background Check]

    Hometown:Ithaca NY
    Birthplace: Albany NY
    Family:Mother (Martha, aka Marty)-deceased, father (Thomas),a pet cat named Sprinkles

    Criminal Record: No

    Amelia was born in upstate New York to Martha and To Spener. She was born a hearing child, but lost all hearing around 3 months of age from an infection. Her parents where devestated and looked into restoring her loss with a cochlear implant, unfortunately they tried twice and both times Amelia’s body rejected it. They decided it wasn’t fair to put an infant through so much stress and gave up on the idea. They had considered trying again when she was older, but Amelia isn’t interested in the implant. She is Deaf with a capital ‘D’ and proud!

    Amelia never learned to speak, she is capable of speaking, but its very difficult to learn when you can’t hear and mimic sounds. No amount of speech therapy has helped and what little speech she does have sounds very strange. Thankfully her parents were more concerned with her actually learning in school then learning to speak. It must have worked because Amelia is right on track with her peers. The Lindgren’s did insist on her learning to lip-read, which is very difficult and even after fifteen years of practice Amelia still struggles, particularly with strangers and people with strange accents, or (her pet peeve) people who speak very slowly thinking it will help (exaggerated speech is actually much more difficult to lip-read).

    Because of her parents efforts Amelia knows American Sign Language, English, and has been taking Spanish as a foreign language in school.

    Amelia’s father is structural engineer and her mother was a dance instructor who taught everything from Zumba to tap to jazz. From the time Amelia could walk her mother had her dancing and she is quite the little dancer. Her favorite is Salsa, but she also enjoys the waltz (it’s just so romantic). All she needs is for someone to show her the beat and Amelia is ready to go, if the music is loud enough she can sometimes feel the vibrations and pick up the rhythm that way.

    She was home schooled until age 10, when her mother became ill with breast cancer, at which point Amelia was mainstreamed with an aid. At first she hated public school, the other kids teased her and thought she was ‘deaf and dumb’. Its probably what led to her need to prove herself. By the time her mother passed away when Amelia was 13 she was well adjusted in public school. It was a blessing that school became easier because the loss of Martha hit the small family very hard. Tom become very depressed and stopped working for nearly nine months, things where rough emotionally and financially. They ended up moving in with Martha’s parents in Indiana for almost three years.

    This suited Amelia just fine as her grandparents doted on constantly and it gave Tom a chance to pull himself together and get back to work. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of work for Tom in Indiana so he decided to move him and Amelia back to New York. Ithaca was still too painful so they came to Bayville instead. Amelia isn’t thrilled to be transferring mid-year in the middle of February.

    Amelia and her father are very close, she worries about him. He is kind and sweet and was very distraught over his wife’s passing. Amelia worries he may never find anyone to make him happy. She always worries about what other people will think of him if they discover he is a mutant. Tom has the uncanny ability to know the weather-not predict it-just identify. He can tell you the exact temperature, wind speed, humidly, etc just by walking outside the door. It’s hardly a mutation at all, you could just turn on the television, but it’s enough to make him different.
[About You]
    Name: Trekkin/Trek/Trekkles
    Age: I once was young
    Desired Member Title: Are you listening to me?
    Recommended By: Found you on my own, but Raven and Rook convinced me to join <3
    Messengers Used: aim is fine!
    Time Zone: EST

    Preferred first appearance scene: I’m open to anything! A school event would be fun because she could meet people of different fractions, maybe a pep rally or volleyball try outs or even just her first day of class.
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: While being vague is completely unhelpful, I am open to just about anything! I’d like Amelia to realize her father isn’t the only mutant in town and befriend a few at school or in town. She’s peeking out of the closest (and still figuring it out) her sexuality and I’d like her to be out and proud eventually.

    **Author’s notes: ASL is a beautiful language, but it is very difficult to convey through written text. For this reason and out of respect for the language (and for ease of reading posts) in RP most ASL will be translated to English and written in italics (Unless staff has another idea/suggestion �� ).

    A name sign is a sign given by deaf person to another to use in reference during conversation. Instead of having to spell out an entire name you would use the person’s name sign. Name signs can be anything, but often include the first letter of a person’s first name and describe a physical or personality trait.

    Example: Gabriel has a beard so his name sign might be the letter ‘g’ going across his chin.
    Amelia was a very playful so she uses the sign ‘to play’ but with the ‘a’ hand.

    RP sample:
    Welcome to Bayville High, home of the Mountain Hawks and an under equipped and unprepared school district. The new student was not impressed. Let’s get one thing straight, Amelia and her father had done all the leg work when she enrolled to ensure the school would have an interrupter for her. Now they were telling her that the interrupter didn’t start until Wednesday. It was Monday.

    This wasn’t her mistake. Thankfully Amelia expected a few…hiccups, so she arrived early and it was fortunate since she was now in the middle of a heated discussion with the vice-principal while the office staff looked on. Clearly this would be the staff gossip for the day.

    Amelia didn’t speak and the principal didn’t sign which left Amelia angrily typing out her thoughts on her phone and holding it up for the VP to read. It should be simple, but the man was apparently half blind and had to bring the phone up to his nose then hold it a foot away and tilt it at twelve different angles each time he looked at it. By the name she finally left the office the man was probably sick of her, but Amelia assured the interrupter would arrive tomorrow. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough.

    The school tried to send her home and any other teenage might have jumped at the opportunity, not Amelia. She stomped out of the office with a map and her schedule while refusing offers of help. Screw that! There were a few odd looks cast in her direction when Amelia plopped herself down on the floor of the hallway and started writing in a spiral notebook. She paid them no mind.

    The first bell rang sending the students in the hall scurrying to their classes. It was the lack of foot traffic that let Amelia know the bell had rung. There was no blinking light. Great, now she was going back to the office during her lunch.

    Despite her frustrations, the teen put on her best ‘I’m friendly and certainly not about to tell you off’ smile as she walked into the classroom. She couldn’t have been late as students were still sitting down. Perfect, first impressions were important. Notebook in hand she walked up to the teacher who and with her back to the class opened up the first page.

    My name is Amelia Lindgren. I’m deaf, the interrupter starts tomorrow.

    I don’t need any accommodations, but you need to face the class when you speak. Speak normally, do not exaggerate your speech. If I can’t see your face I don’t know what you’re saying.

    Yes I can read lips. No I don’t speak. No I don’t need an introduction to the class.

    Thank you!

    Her English teacher looked started for a moment before taking the notebook and nodding. “I was expecting you.” A ha! Proof the school did know she was starting today! “Go ahead and take a seat and we can talk after class.”
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 Posted: May 27 2017, 12:40 AM
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Happy roleplaying!
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Group: Admin
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Age: 23
Mutant Power: Lovemaking
Codename: SeƱor Todopoderoso
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Written by: Adenine
Cerebro File | Board History
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Sorry for the delay, Trek! And welcome!

Your app looks great, aside from one small error. You include some physical strengths and weaknesses under the psychological profile section. Please replace with personality-based strengths and weaknesses. You can move the physical strengths you have listed to the non-mutant powers section, if you'd like.

Once that's fixed, you should be good to go! Unless another admin catches something I missed.
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Amelia Lindgren
 Posted: May 27 2017, 02:51 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 2
Joined: 20-May 17
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Age: 16
Mutant Power: N/A
Codename: N/A
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Written by: Trek
Cerebro File | Board History
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I made a few changes, let me know what you think smile.gif
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