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We are an alternate universe X-Men: Evolution roleplaying game that accepts canon/original characters and fun, creative writers. The time is set before season 1.

Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

Happy roleplaying!
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Bayville gets slammed with a snow storm in early February and as such the high school is closed for a couple of days. Due to inclement weather, there will be no school February 6th and February 7th. Shovel out your vehicles then run back inside to warm up by the fire with some cocoa.

Don't forget that Winter Break is happening the week of February 20th through the 24th!

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My Content
Apr 17 2017, 11:55 AM
Hi all,

I got some time away from the puppy and figured I would post some ideas I have for my characters in Feb./solicit y'all as thread participants.

First up is Aaliyah. Her birthday is Feb 18th. It'll be her sweet sixteen and she'll be throwing herself a party. All X-folks should be expecting invites soon. RSVP below if you'd like or let me know privately. Also any ideas for what could go down.

Secondly is Nolan. I am going to start a snow day at the boardinghouse thread with a surprise visit. It'll be open to all bhood members or work for a one on one. Let me know if you would like to take part.

I also have an idea for Nolan to be sent on a mission by Mystique and Mags to spy on the X-men. The idea being Nolan would hitch a ride as an X-Geek's backpack to make it past security and into the mansion. I am looking for a willing X-Participant here. First comers will win! Let me know of you'd like to RP this with me.


Apr 13 2017, 04:50 PM
Hey all!

Today marks the start of April vacation. Will be busy vacationing and getting a puppy with the SO. Posts will be infrequent if at all.

I'll get our rollover A-Plot started before I am off.

Be back next weekend!

Apr 9 2017, 03:24 PM
Hello all of you cool cats.

For the month of February, we will be presenting to you both an A Plot and a B Plot. These are plots that will affect the in-character events of the board and allow us as players to participate in exciting threads each month.


The A Plot is intended to be a board-wide plot in which (mostly) every player and character can participate. This thread will start at the beginning of the month and carry through to the end allowing for a month long of fun. Everyone who wants their character to participate should respond to this thread mentioning so and we will add you to the list.

For the month of February the A Plot is...

The Valentine's Day Dance
Setting: Friday, February 10th, 2017 - Bayville High School Gymnasium, 7:30 PM

The annual semi-formal Valentine's Day Dance is a time of excitement and disappointment. The stress of finding a date coupled with the generally lackluster DJ has become a high school cliche. This year at Bayville things are different. Feeling slighted by a rejected date proposal Brotherhood member Germaine Caruso, Hothead, still attends the dance, but once there has an outburst which causes him to lash out with his mutant powers. He is of course aided by his cronies and mutants of the ne'er-do-well variety in making the dance a complete and utter disaster.

The X-men are forced to contend with the Brotherhood while simultaneously protecting the innocent human students and themselves (at times with the use of their abilities). In the end, Xavier has to replace the memories of all baseline humans in attendance to make sure the mutant secret doesn't get out. As a consequence, the rift between the Brotherhood and X-men reaches new depths.


Characters Participating:

-Aaliyah Edmonds//Lilith
-Germaine Caruso//Hothead
-Clarice Ferguson//Blink
-Julie Power//Lightspeed
-Noah Crichton//Hydro
-Laura Kinney//X-23
-Kyle Gibney//Wild Child
-Quentin Quire//Omega
-Sally Blevins//Skids
-Kitty Pryde//Shadowcat
-Sean Cassidy//Banshee (maybe)
-Laurie Tromette//Transonic
-Choryung Im//Ink
-Jean Grey//Marvel Girl


The thread can be found here.


The B Plot is not a thread for everyone, but instead may be a change occurring to the in-character world that may influence the lives of all our characters. The intention is to provide some fodder for thread ideas throughout the month. Deciding to participate is up to you. If you do have a thread that incorporates the ideas of the B Plot please respond to this thread with a link to your IC thread.

For the month of February, the B Plot is...

Snow Days and Winter Break

Bayville gets slammed with a snow storm in early February and as such the high school is closed for a couple of days. Due to inclement weather, there will be no school February 6th and February 7th. Shovel out your vehicles then run back inside to warm up by the fire with some cocoa.

Don't forget that Winter Break is happening the week of February 20th through the 24th!


Threads: (if you have a thread incorporating this B Plot respond to this thread with its title and link)

Mutant Snowball Fight!
Burning Winter

Apr 9 2017, 03:23 PM
Hi Everybody!

Just a quick announcement here to let you all know that this coming Friday (April 14th) will be the official start date for our in character month of February. As such, starting Friday all in character posts should be dated and take place during Feb 2017.

With that said it is important to note that we will not be closing threads from January. Feel free to finish them up even as the rollover begins. However, it is encouraged that threads wrap up or are on their way to being wrapped up this week.

If you want to see what's coming up next month in character you can check out our plots here.

Guano and the rest of your staff
Mar 16 2017, 08:24 PM
Heads-up everybody!

I will be gone this weekend. From right after work Friday (tomorrow) until later Sunday evening I will not be active. And even Sunday night might be a wash as I'll be hashtag exhausted.
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