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So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

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 Nolan Olson, Kaput
Nolan Olson
 Posted: Mar 12 2017, 02:32 PM
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...as a doorknob
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Group: Brotherhood (Admin)
Posts: 27
Joined: 12-March 17
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Age: 17
Mutant Power: Object possession
Codename: Kaput
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Written by: Guanine
Cerebro File | Board History
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    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Nolan Olson
    Nickname(s): N/A
    Alias(es): N/A
    Age: 17
    DOB: August 27th, 1999

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: Kaput
    Alliance: Brotherhood

    Place of residence: Brotherhood Boarding House, Bayville, New York
    Occupation: student, jewelry thief
    Year in school: Senior


    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White

    Build: Slender, long-haired, and pale. In a way, Nolan's appearance fits a cliché of your stoner stereotype. All, ‘smells like teen spirit' and 'wasted youth' flash forwarded to the new millennium. He doesn't work out, but his metabolism and habits keep him thin enough that his body type doesn't match his couch potato persona.
    Dress: Flannels, pullovers, jeans. That about sums it up. He doesn't own a suit and his idea of formal attire is his shirt without the stain, maybe tucked in.
    Other: Besides his long hair his appearance borders on the mundane. He has a mid-western accent.

    Play-By: Rory Culkin

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Sleeping, Money, Chilling out, Eating junk food, Flannel

    Dislikes: Responsibility, Exerting himself, Rules, 9 to 5's, Alarm clocks

    Goals: get rich quick, make new friends in Bayville, use his powers to ‘get ahead'
    Fears: being homeless, overbearing authority figures, your standard jump scares

    Strengths: likeable, non-confrontational, creative
    Weaknesses: unmotivated, lazy, greedy

    Best subject: Art
    Worst subject: Everything else
    Extracurriculars: None

    General Personality:
    Nolan is by no metrics an over-achiever. Or really much of an achiever at all. In fact, he's better identified as the quintessential slacker. Lacking motivation for school, for work, for anything that requires copious (by his standards ) amounts of physical or mental exertion, Nolan, instead, pines for low-effort, sedentary, tasks. His lack of drive for success is not stemming from trying to fulfill some sort of anti-capitalistic hippie-ideology. This is on the contrary because he quite enjoys money and the things it can do for him, instead, his apparent absence of drive is a strict adherence to a misguided sense that the best type of gratification is in fact instant. He's exactly that low-bar millennial that the media loves to ramble on about for ruining our nation. To be quite frank, he's not doing his generation any favors in breaking the stereotype.

    Work ethic aside - Nolan is at least socially adept. He's easy going, Midwestern-polite and friendly. His default interaction is to assume that people are genuinely nice and/or at least not out to purposefully hurt him. Polite conversations come easily with new acquaintances. Growing a friendship beyond that doesn't take too much effort. The key to his affable nature is that Nolan is a great listener. In groups he's more passive, taking in other's opinions, and rarely if ever interjecting until others are done hashing things out. To truly get on Nolan's bad side would take doing something egregiously offensive to either himself or a close family member. It is only then, when his personhood or familial ties are in jeopardy, that Nolan takes a moral stand (aka ignoring them). Otherwise, his morality is gray at best, heck, the kid tried to start his own jewelry heist scheme for a chance at getting rich quick.

    Nolan has his fair share of vices and is never one to pass up a drink, a smoke, or other illicit substance. He is slothful to a fault. He has at times opted to spend all day in bed ordering food over doing the barest minimum productively. He is also regularly tempted by his greed. This temptation has actually driven him (shockingly, he was driven!) to do all manner of illegal things with his powers in order to make some money fast. Let's be real - he needs to pay for that delivery food somehow. While on the topic of powers Nolan is quite happy to have his. They have given him an avenue with which to take shortcuts for things and he quite enjoys using them for this purpose.


    Mutant Power(s):
    To try and explain it in simplest terms Nolan is able to merge his body with any inorganic solid object and in essence become the thing. In order to merge, or possess the objects in question Nolan must make physical contact with them. This possession is accomplished in a way that can be best compared to the same way salt dissolves in water. Nolan's mutation allows him to break down molecularly and through some spatial interdimensional warping fill in the gaps in the structure of the molecules of said possessed objects. As an example, Nolan can grab on to a lamp and merge with it. It would appear as though his body disappeared and was absorbed by the lamp.

    Once inside an object Nolan gains a 360-degree awareness of everything going on around the object. This is different than his normal senses in that he is not using his eyes and ears, but is instead interpreting all that is happening around the object in question and gaining an awareness of the surroundings. He is still able to think while inside objects, but is unable to communicate orally. Theoretically telepathic individuals would still be able to sense and communicate with Nolan. Nolan is also unable to move an object once he has possessed it and it can only be moved by someone or something outside the object.

    The longer that Nolan possesses an object the more it begins to break down structurally. Over a short period of time, the object will begin to crumble, crack, and thoroughly break apart. This will continue until the object has been completely destroyed, they go kaput, and Nolan is released or until Nolan decides to ‘jump out' of the object. Once Nolan has left an object it is not repaired, but instead, continues to exist in a state of disrepair. This aspect of Nolan's ability has some practical applications, but more often than not it is a rather impractical side-effect of his power. Nolan is only slightly limited by the size of the object he possesses. He can go about as small as a pencil eraser and as large a grand piano. It should be noted that smaller objects tend to break down quite a bit faster than larger ones.

    Biggest Drawback(s): If any object that Nolan is possessing becomes damaged by an outside force (unrelated to his own disintegration of the object) than Nolan will be thrust from the object. He is unable to communicate while inside an object.

    Non-mutant power(s): In his dreams

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
    Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota
    Family: Patrick Olson (father), Katherine Olson (mother), Bernice Olson (older sister), Jacob Olson (younger brother), Marcus Olson (younger brother)

    Criminal Record: Yes. Though Lensherr might have got him away from official charges.

    Nolan was the second born of Patrick and Katherine Olson. He grew up in a small home in St. Paul, Minnesota and was raised Catholic for much of his young life. For a short time things were entirely nuclear before Jacob and then Marcus were added to the family. Things soon after became cramped for space, but never dull or wanting for love. Katherine was primarily a homemaker and an early morning waitress at a local diner. Patrick was the breadwinning optometrist.

    In early middle school, things began to sour between Nolan's parents. It's impossible to blame either one of them, but the stressors of life or a fading of their affection for each other began to drive a wedge between them. A lot of what was going on seems a blur to Nolan even now. He remembers spending a lot of time at friends' houses in order to get away from the stress that was wrought by a divorcing home. His mother likely always suffered from the depressive disorder, but it was especially hard for the family during these times. Things likely continued on longer between Katherine and Patrick than they should have before the pair finally split to separate households.

    By this time Nolan was entering his third year of high school and was spending weekdays at his father's house. Academics was never Nolan's top priority and as he matured his interests veered farther away from the academic world and became more deeply entrenched in the social scene. He spent more time trying to hang out in friends' basements than he did in the classroom and eventually his parents were threatened with court action because of Nolan's chronic absences. If it wasn't for his father's persistence to finish school he probably would have dropped out altogether. It was also recommended that he learn some responsibility (yikes) by working any number of odd jobs after school, this didn't last for very long as either the hours or his bosses became too demanding. He'd done everything from working in the dish pit at a restaurant and delivering pizza to working as an usher at a movie theater.

    Eventually, his father started dating someone new and a 17-year-old Nolan was forced out of the house to return to living with his mom. She likely tried to compensate for not being around a lot recently and so Katherine paid for and did a lot of the things Nolan needed. It was this same year that Nolan discovered his mutant ability. He was quite the late bloomer. Standing in front of the refrigerator one day he couldn't quite decide what to eat when one second he was staring longingly into the fridge and the next second he was the fridge. That first time Nolan didn't have any sort of handle on what was happening or how to reverse what he'd done and so the fridge was left a leaking, broken, crooked mess by the time Nolan had un-possessed it. Not even the repair man could figure out what to do with it.

    For the next few weeks, Nolan experimented off and on with his abilities. He also became more and more discontent with his lack of financial stability. Understanding the financial strain he was on his mother and knowing he would never be as successful as his college-grad sister Bernice, Nolan began to formulate a plan. He had to make money somehow and burglary aided by his abilities might be just the trick. It started as some petty things, hiding inside objects in convenience stores until the time was right to reappear and make off with cash or valuables. Then quickly things progressed. Nolan figured out a trick with his abilities where he could possess a door handle from the outside and jump out on the inside of a room…or jewelry store. Unfortunately for Nolan, he'd never thought about what would happen when he got caught…and eventually, he was.

    Luckily, Erik Lensherr, showed up to bail Nolan out of his predicament. Nolan was quite shocked to be saved by someone else with abilities, it excited him. Apparently Lensherr had become aware of the suspicious burglaries in the St. Paul area and suspecting a mutant ability had tracked him down. Breaking Nolan out of custody and seeing use in Nolan as a spy Magneto invited him to live in the Brotherhood boarding house in Bayville. Seeing this as a means for more financial stability and convinced he had no other options Nolan agreed. Currently his family does not know where he is and he is considered to be a runaway.
[About You]
    Name: Guanine
    Age: 25
    Desired Member Title: ...as a door knob
    Recommended By: Myself.
    Messengers Used: PM is preferred.
    Time Zone: EST 5:00

    Preferred character audition scene: The role of Lin Manuel-Miranda in Hamilton.
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: Anything Brotherhood related, making friends, getting into precarious predicaments, spy shack.
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 Posted: Mar 12 2017, 08:32 PM
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Advanced Member
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Group: Admin
Posts: 61
Joined: 12-March 17
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Age: N/A
Mutant Power: Dreamer
Codename: Dungeon Master
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Written by: Guanine
Cerebro File | Board History
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Loved it, dude. You're in!

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