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 Choryung "Tak" Im, Ink
Choryung Im
 Posted: Mar 21 2017, 05:46 AM
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Ink blot
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Group: Brotherhood
Posts: 75
Joined: 1-January 14
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Age: 15
Mutant Power: Cellular control of ink
Codename: Ink
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Written by: Mina
Cerebro File | Board History
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    user posted image
    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Choryung Im
    Nickname(s): Tak
    Alias(es): Ink
    Age: 15
    DOB: December 12

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: Ink
    Alliance: Brotherhood
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Original

    Place of residence: The Bayville Library (in hiding)
    Occupation: Student
    Year in school: Freshman


    Height: 5'4
    Weight: Varies
    Hair: Black and hip length
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Peachy pale

    Build: Tak is tall but slender, border lining on skeletal thin from malnourishment but filling out gradually.
    Dress: You'll never catch her in anything but all black, all her clothes are close fitting and well tailored, classy casual.
    Other: She has waist length black hair that she almost always wears down.
    Play-By: Mika Nakashima

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Salty foods, rain, animals, quiet places, colorful things
    Dislikes: Sweets, hot weather, rude or overly violent people

    Goals: To allow herself to relax, make AND keep true friends, get to a point of feeding on ink at a leisurely pace, making her mark in art
    Fears: Being deported, running out of ink, BEING DEPORTED, going hungry, did I mention being deported?

    Strengths: Self-starter, insightful, great at improvising
    Weaknesses: Way too trusting, overly paranoid, sheltered

    Best subject: Art. (Surprise!)
    Worst subject: Gym ( the only reason she passes is because of health class)
    Extracurriculars: Muay Thai

    General Personality: When growing up in a controlled environment such as North Korea, it's very hard to develop a personality. This is especially true when growing up with very little, and being ignorant of so much. While she finds beauty in new places, she has a natural social detachment from people. Whenever she does actually speak to another person, her voice is flat and monotone, and devoid of interactive movement. She does however, have a tendency to stare down the talker, watching them as they speak to understand them. It is because of her intense disconnect that she can never make or keep friends. In spite of her very sheltered lifestyle, she understands little about the fundamentals of conversation. To her, joking and sarcasm is indistinguishable from sincerity, and often the type of person to respond to rhetorical questions. She is, of course still aware of basic etiquette, and has enough manners to know when to say sorry, thank you, please, etc.

    Tak may be a lot of things, but a big talker isn't one of them. While her dark presence may be hard to miss, her silent nature often grants her an extra bit of stealth. There have been times that she's gone weeks without ever saying a word. Of course, when being spoken to, or talking of something that interests her, she is far more talkative and lively. It is her belief that it is better to speak when you have something to say rather than because you have to say something. But being out of Korea and now in New York, it has slowly worked its toll on her otherwise bland personality. While she is still very quiet by nature, she does enjoy seeing every inch of her new home city when she has the time. Smiling is not something she does often, but if you happen to catch her when bent over her sketchbook drawing or in the presence of a cat, you just might!

    Every day in this place has been a breath of fresh air for her, not just as a mutant either, but as a person and she feels almost reborn. That being said though, there is always this fear at the back of her mind that this is all too good to be true. That, one day this place will be up in flames, or worse, she gets a letter in the mail that she is to be extradited back to her home nation. That very fear thwarts her from letting loose. Never has she stepped outside without looking around first, or settled somewhere before establishing all exits. Her paranoia also in part keeps her from really enjoying her new life. Even when still hungry, she never eats more than a single portion of food. Even when there is nothing to do, she never sleeps in. And out of fear that anyone could be listening, she never fully elaborates on her past life. 'Tak' was a name she came up with for herself to keep from having to use her real name [even if her real name is known to certain people]. The only true outlet she allows herself to have besides drawing is TV. Never had she been given the personal freedom of her own little cinema! And the things that people thought to film! It was truly amazing, like watching a painter and storyteller inside a box.


    Mutant Power(s): Choryung has an extra circulatory system that is comprised of a black ink like tissue that has a master control and coating over the cells that make up her body. While the typical human heart contains four compartments and two main arteries, Choryung has six compartments [the additional pair are known as the left and right Cloistra] and a third main artery [the medi vena cava] just for the ink. The heart is the central muscle that controls the blood, but it also controls and filters the ink. Although the ink shares similar abilities as blood, it has its own adjacent complex channel of vessels that transport different nutrients to various parts of her body. Other than a means of defense and a working bi-product of the nervous system, the ink serves no primary purpose to the body.

    The most prominent features of this mutation are that by thought/command from the brain, the ink can be summoned and manifested through and beyond the dermal layers of the body and function in a few various ways, as well as grant her the ability to transform into a liquid mass of ink.

    While she is fairly adept at using and controlling her power, she is only aware of and able to maneuver it in three ways. The first is the most simple, which is manifesting as projectile liquid, which she can shoot out from anywhere on her body. Secondly, as the ink is manifesting she can alter its molecular arrangement to becoming solid, such as sprouting a stream of ink and willing it to harden into a sort of weapon, or needle-like discharges. The third and final way she knows how to use it is functional mobility, meaning the ink can take shape and form to work and move almost like a limb or axel. Most of the time when fighting, she shoots the ink from her hands or spews it from her mouth in the form of a liquid stream, or a raining volley of hardened ink shards. In non-combative instances, she uses the ink for writing and drawing.

    The other facet to her mutation is being able to shape shift in the form of ink. She can collapse her body down into a mobile puddle with the defensive control the ink has over the rest of her biological cell structure. Because every cell is coated with micro molecular ink cells, the regular cells are protected and benefit from the functionality of the ink. Choryung can not only control the shape, size and amount of circulatory ink she uses in battle, she can also control the ink coated cells of the rest of her body to shrink, expand, and or move. In this state, she cannot speak, fight or do just about anything she could as a regular human, she can only move. While she does not have the luxury of limbs or weapons in this form, she is granted sharper senses and accelerated speed and mobility to slither around.

    She does also have a halfway state in which she is in her initial human form but can will her body to act like ink. With the ink cells' dominant mastery over her skin, bone and tissue cells, she can will certain areas of her body to partially stretch, dilate or move in an ink like manner. An example would be her shrinking and parting the cells of her chest to form a hole to say...dodge an oncoming bullet. This requires a great deal of concentration but also quick reflexes and a full hydration of both ink and water.

    As a means to sustain her mutation, she can absorb and control other inks that are not residual to her body. The intake of other inks make her mutation stronger and more potent, but taking in too much at once can overpower her ability to effectively use it immediately. She religiously siphons the ink from pens, printer cartridges, tattoo bottles and fountain bottles to augment her ink threshold. To do this is a simple process of making physical contact with the ink to her skin by applying it herself, or controlling her own ink to interact and mix with the new ink. Most times, she will pour the foreign ink directly onto her skin [usually her arm] and her residing ink cells will mix and gradually absorb the new ink into the bottom layer of the epidermis. Another method is by subjecting her skin to ink. An example would be her opening a bottle of fountain pen ink and dipping her finger into the ink to soak it up. A final way is to summon the ink and send it forward to mix with the new ink, a method she practices when taking the ink from pens. When there is no more new ink to absorb, it slowly filters out of the dermal tissue and back into her veins. At that point, the new ink is sent to the bottom ink chamber of her heart to be cleaned of impurities, and sent back out via the top chamber to the arteries.

    Weaknesses: The potency of her mutation is extremely subjective to her lifestyle as well as the elements of her surroundings. Extreme weather polarities and poor diet will showcase the most prominent effects in her ink. Hot weather [ typically 85 degrees Fahrenheit and warmer] makes it difficult for her to work with ink because it becomes inconsistent, sticky, and splotchy with plated coagulation. Cold weather [ 35 and below] makes for very runny ink that's almost too messy to handle if it doesn't start 'freezing' up. In times of starvation, dehydration or intake of nutritiously deficient foods, the ink will be very gray in color, blotchy and thin. Conversely, in times of eating too much, the ink can become too thick to use and require more time in dispensing the surplus of nutrients before being able to use.

    The ink in Choryung's body is meant to be used, and despite its circulatory tendencies, it has characteristics very similar to the sweat glands. Just like water, it is necessary that she expend ink every day in addition to a daily intake of ink and water. On average, she needs to consume 75 ounces of water, and at least 30 ounces of ink daily. The minimum amount of ink she should dispense is about 10 ounces. But of course, she has to be careful in how much ink she discharges, which in this case, cannot exceed 2 gallons, and depending on how a fierce a battle she is having, can run out very quickly. In the case that she does go beyond her limit, she will fall very weak [and even possibly pass out] as she would have expended more than half her body's capacity of ink. If and when this happens, it can take her up to a week to recover the lost ink. During her time of recovery, any dispatch of ink or normal activity is put on hold and she must take in at least twice her normal consumption of ink. As said before though, taking in too much ink at once can hinder and overwhelm her body, and therefore must be gradual. Just as no one should ever drink a gallon of water in one sitting, ink is no different!

    Also, when using the ink in a combative manner, she can project from anywhere on her body, but her firmest centers of control lie in her hands and mouth. It's easy for her to shoot out plumes of ink from the palms of her hand, or spew it out, but she loses that finesse when trying to shoot from say...her foot. It's possible to do so, but requires twice the concentration than it would from her comfort zones. And shooting out streams with a diameter thickness exceeding 2 inches not only becomes harder for her to control, but also wastes ink more quickly.

    In times of using her partial body ink ability, it is entirely dependent on her reflexes and the allowance of executive time. Going back to the example of being shot at, if Tak is slow realize a bullet is coming her way, her reflexes will react just as slow if she tries to part her skin. What might take her 17 seconds to do when alert might take 30 instead when taken by surprise, but the bullet only needs 10 seconds to hit her. She can't just focus on her skin parting to save her, but also the parting of bone, tissue, and the underlying muscle.... as well as the other side of her skin on her back. And then if that's not enough to factor in, she also needs focus on the size and depth of the hole she wants to make and then remain stolid in her concentration. Any break of thought will result in her flesh relapsing back to its original alignment. She also cannot liquify more than one part of her body at a time or leave herself open and exposed for longer than a couple minutes lest she risk permanent damage or exposure.

    Lastly, when in ink form, meaning, she has transformed into a moving work of ink, she leaves herself extremely vulnerable to people, outside elements and chemicals. Granted she can move very quickly and she has the edge stealth, should anyone step on her in this form, they could very easily maim or fatally wound her. It would be very unwise of her to go sluicing around on a hot day or in a place that is laden with waste and liquid hazards. In this liquid form, she is susceptible to picking up foreign chemicals and molecules that can pollute the ink and possibly poison her. And although she can shrink down into a puddle small enough to seep through cracks and under doors, her mass will still be equal to her actual size, albeit spread out or compressed. That being said, she can't shrink into a capacity small enough to fill a coffee cup, nor can she expand to the point of filling up a swimming pool. Trying to do so would greatly compromise her ability to morphing back into her original human form.

    Sidenote: Because she now lives in New York, which is naturally a more cold place during the winter, Choryung copes by doubling her intake of liquids and staying more physically active to keep her ink and body temperature from dropping. Later on down the line with lots of practice she may able to traverse and function normally in freezing temperatures.

    Biggest Drawback(s): Tak is still at a point in her mutation that she constantly has to feed on ink to function beyond any of her human means, and more of it has to do with a psychosomatic hunger than her system's actual need for an intake of ink. Imagine having an insatiable sweet tooth, switch it for ink, and multiply it times ten since this ink feeds more than just her stomach and taste buds.

    Non-mutant power(s): Tak is a wonderful artist, and one her favorite things to do is draw. Before discovering her mutation, she loved to doodle whatever free paper she got her hands on, and afterward, switched from using pens and pencils to her own ink. She is also very book smart. Despite the hot mess that North Korea is, she did get a stellar education including learning UK and US English, things like math and science come easy to her as well.

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: Wonsan, North Korea
    Birthplace: Pyeongyang, North Korea
    Family: Ellis Braxton [foster father], Isabella Braxton [foster mother], Jacob Braxton [older foster brother]

    Criminal Record: Yes (minor crimes she committed prior to immigration)

    History: Choryung, or Tak, as fondly nicknamed by her uncle, grew up during the reign of the late Kim Jeong Il, which meant her life was very boring for a long while. From the time she was old enough to remember, til the age of 12, what she did everyday remained the same. Wake up, take a bath, get dressed and pray before the small shrine to give thanks to the Dear Leader, eat rice and cabbage for breakfast, go to school via train, have a sweet potato for lunch, come home, do homework, eat rations for dinner, go to bed, and repeat. There was really no such thing as social gatherings, or shopping, going to the movies, having toys to play with, or dressing up. Everybody looked the same, and everybody did the same, all the time. Casual conversation was frowned upon. Occasionally, mother would turn on the television to listen to the words of the Dear Leader and dad would sit in his chair, staring blankly. Things such as newspapers, magazines, sweets, alcohol, computers, cell phones and cigarettes were not allowed. These things upset the Dear Leader and saw them as evil perverse propaganda to rebel. The only thing one could look forward to was college, where you were old enough to meet a man for marrying and make a child with. And then as parents, you teach your children how blessed they truly are to live under the merciful clutch of the Dear Leader.

    Just days after starting her seventh year in school, it happened. In her mind, this day changed her life forever. She sat in the drab classroom, at her desk, waiting for the yearly exams to begin. Teacher was taking too long, their exam papers were right there before them, and they had pencils....but they couldn't start yet. In a silent fit of impatience, she balled her left handed into a fist, and a huge sluicing ball of grayish green ink spattered all over her desk and exam papers. No one said anything, but they all saw and stared. Teacher then came over and hit her across the hand with a ruler, which only made more ink shoot and spatter everywhere from her 'bleeding' hand, yelling how insolent behavior would be the death of her and her family for dishonoring the dear leader. Choryung had to stay at school all day until her parents came to get her. They never said a word to her about it.

    But one day, a couple years later... Choryung came home from school and noticed a man standing in their tiny apartment. He was dressed like an army man with tall boots and a chest full of shiny metals. The man commanded her to go into her room and to pack every piece of clothing she owned. When she did and returned with her backpack full of clothes, mother and father were there as well now. The fancy army men held out his hand, and Choryung glanced to her parents, confused. They said nothing to her but both of them gave a firm nod, as if confirming she was to go with him. As they left, two other army men walked into the little apartment. Before she could even reach the stairs, she heard two gun shots, and knew immediately what happened, and to whom.
    While they never told her, both her parents were mutants and that day of the test, they knew that their daughter was one as well. They also knew that they wanted something better for Choryung than to be subjected to working as a sub-human slave in the North Korean Marines as was the fate for all residents of the militant city of Weonsan when they turned of age. Luckily, her father's brother was a high ranking official that could lend a hand, and through careful communication and clandestine meetings, convinced him to do so.

    As per custom, and to keep both discovery and suspicion down, the trio agreed not to let Choryung in on their plans or to have her meet her uncle. And so for 2 years, they plotted her escape, while also teaching their daughter ways of keeping her initially messy power under control.

    Her mother showed her how to keep the random ink spurts to a minimum by being mindful of her emotions and movements. And her father taught her how to really focus where the ink will spout from and where to channel it. At first, they gave her bowls and cups to hash all the ink into, but as she improved more and dirtied up the house less, they gave her paper to play on. Gradually, the splotchy spots of ink would turn into lines, and the lines eventually turned into shapes, and those shapes soon took form. As she became more refined with her command of the ink, she focused more on improving her skills with drawing.

    With Choryung distracted, her parents and uncle concentrated on getting her out of the country. It was difficult at first, determining how and what they should do and when. Things changed, however, when her parents were contacted by a man named Xavier, who became aware of Choryung's 'special' condition when she turned up via his Cerebro device. The man explained that he could provide not only safe shelter for her but also a means of learning how to control and utilize this new gift. They all mutually agreed that she would be safest in America and that Xavier seemed trustworthy and knowledgeable enough to send her under his care.

    However, in assuring that she would safely escape, her parents would have to sacrifice themselves, by planting seeds into the thoughts of their military superiors of wanting to leave Korea. This was not a country you just left, in the northern nation of the Korean Peninsula, you only exited by way of the gun, or disease. As suspicion and prejudice take precedence over investigation and protocol, it didn't warrant much to order a worker killed. And in such instances, these killings were dealt in the privacy of said insubordinate's home to keep the other workers unaware. The children were always spared in these cases, but where they ended up was at the mercy of the overseeing superior.
    And so the strange man lead her to a car and was taken very far away from her home. He talked about how she would like a place called New York and she would turn into a real woman there. They were in the car for hours on end, until eventually, they reached a train station.

    On the train, the man spoke again. For the first time in her 14 years of living did someone wish her a happy birthday. To hear such a thing from a grown up was an honor, but then he handed her a pair of plane tickets. He explained how and what she was supposed to do when they arrived at the airport in China. When it was time for her to board her flight to New York, the man hugged her tight and said, " Be good, little Tak, uncle Min Jeong will come for you soon!"

    That was the last she ever saw of her uncle...if he really was her uncle, or any family of hers again. The only reason she knew that he could have been family was from him calling her Tak, which in her language meant chicken, a nickname her parents used to call her during early childhood.

    Leaving North Korea was a very long process, taking train to train around the country for several days, sneaking around on her own until finally ending up in Northern China. By then, she had to ride a few more trains until reaching an airport that would fly out of the country. And none of these trains were passenger friendly one might add, Choryung had to work with a small, clandestine network of people that worked in these freighters to get from place to place. From the time that she boarded her first train, to arriving in New York, Choryung had been in transit for just under two weeks.

    Upon landing on American soil, Choryung was granted refugee sanctuary for coming from North Korea, however, because she is a minor having a guardian is still required. Because of her quiet, mild-mannered temperament, it wasn't long before Choryung got adopted. Quite frankly, the first family she had lived with was wonderful, and her first six months in America had been a dream. The young couple that took her home to their humble dwellings on the upper east side were animal lovers that both spent their days playing music to other people. When Choryung was not in school, the three of them and their dogs would spend the weekend seeing other parts of New York, the art, the music, the dance. Oh how glorious it was! It was just highly unfortunate that on Halloween night, both man and wife had been fatally wounded in a holiday prank gone wrong. And from a dream, Choryung was lead into a nightmare.

    Her second family....well, it was no family at all, but they were a...unique bunch. While Eberhearts were genuinely good people wanting to give Choryung a home, the Braxtons only want to give children homes so those children can earn them a check from the government. When Choryung had been petitioned by them to be adopted, it was neither her quiet charm nor her hectic background endeared her to the avaricious couple, her high paying child's dowry certainly did. The girl had gone from having her own room and sharing a lovely rowhouse with a great couple to sharing a bunk bed and living in an overly crowded household containing nine different personalities. The boys and girls alike shared clothes as much as they shared food, and twice Choryung had her name mixed up with another girl living there. If that were not enough, both her parents had a bit of a drinking prob-errr...habit....and while one was an angry drunk, the other was a touchy feely drunk....

    Needless to say, after a few months Choryung was ready to run away....and she did. However, not long after settling with the Braxtons, they moved from the edge of Brooklin to Bayville. With a very unmerry Christmas just passing, Choryung spent her first few weeks of the new year trying to scrap and save what means she could to finally get away but after a heated argument that turned physical, she dashed off into the snow streets of Bayville, hoping to never return. It's the final week of January and she's been on her own for a couple days now....will she make it past February without being found?
[About You]
    Name: Mina
    Age: [Optional] OLD
    Desired Member Title: Inkblot
    Recommended By: Benji
    Messengers Used: Skype and Aim
    Time Zone: EST

    Preferred character audition scene: [Provide a general outline of a scene set up for your character. For example, if you were applying for Wolverine, you could say: Washing his motorcycle when he picks up Sabretooth's scent. Feel free to include characters you would like to have your character play with (or against). After your application passes review, we post your audition thread in the audition forum. This is to test how well you play with others. If you pass the audition, your character will be accepted and you may begin the game.]
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: I want Tak to be the resourceful oddball, nobody ever truly knows what her intentions are or what she's capable of doing, but since her morals tend to go either way, there's not much she'll say no to....not yet anyway.
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 Posted: Mar 22 2017, 11:37 PM
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Happy roleplaying!
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Age: 23
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Codename: SeƱor Todopoderoso
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Written by: Adenine
Cerebro File | Board History
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Hi, Mina! So glad you've decided to return to XUE! We were about to approve your application when we realized Tak's history is different than before. It seems to be from another board/universe/setting, given the multiple mentions of Genosha and the North Korean government's knowledge and prejudice of mutants. Surely, it was by accident.

Here's the link to your old app, in case you couldn't find it: http://xmenevorpg.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=76

Aside from that, though, everything looks great. Let us know when you've made the changes and/or if you have any questions. Thanks!
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 Posted: Mar 24 2017, 02:34 PM
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Written by: Guanine
Cerebro File | Board History
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Welcome back!

user posted image

Now it's time for your character audition!

Just kidding. You're a returning member, meaning we'll skip that part. I guess that means... Congratulations! You've been cast as Choryung 'Tak' Im aka Ink! Welcome aboard!

Read your acceptance packet for what you should do next.
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