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So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
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 Laura Kinney, X-23
Laura Kinney
 Posted: Mar 24 2017, 02:01 AM
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Stabby McStabbers
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Group: X-Men
Posts: 41
Joined: 24-March 17
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Age: 12
Mutant Power: Self-healing, Feral, Claws
Codename: X-23
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Written by: Raven
Cerebro File | Board History
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    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Laura Kinney
    Nickname(s): X
    Alias(es): X-23
    Age: 12
    DOB: 06-08-2002

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: X-23
    Alliance: X-Men, eventually
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Evo Canon

    Place of residence: Nomadic, sometimes X Mansion
    Occupation: Former Assassin
    Year in school: n/a at the moment, but would be Freshman


    Height: 5’0”
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Light brown

    Build: Muscular, lithe, at the beginning of puberty with very little development in hips or breasts. Likes her hair long past her shoulders.

    Dress: Laura has only ever worn either the training uniform Hydra gave her, or the assassin’s uniform she wore on missions. Once she adopts the idea of Logan as her family she starts dressing like him - jeans, t-shirt, and a cowboy hat.

    Play-By: Olivia Rodrigo

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes:Being in the woods where she’s away from people; Trees, tops of buildings, any high place where she feels she has an advantage and a good view; Fighting; Learning anything; Candy; Watching people express love for each other, but at a distance

    Dislikes: Closed-in interior spaces; Crowds; Overly-expressive people, and related to that, excessive talking or discussing of feelings; Anyone telling her what to do; Militant groups

    Goals:To control her anger, To not kill again, To completely destroy Hydra (she realizes this might not coincide well with the previous two goals!), To be a part of a family, learn how to act like a child, how to be “normal”

    Fears: That she is damaged beyond repair; That her training will kick in and she’ll hurt/kill the people she’s starting to get close to; That she’s not worthy of affection from Logan or any of the other students and that they’ll reject her; Of being captured, especially by Hydra, and returned to her previous imprisoned lifestyle.

    Strengths :Laura is determined and focused, natural attributes of hers that were further honed by her training. She’s a quick learner, partly in due to her focus, and is hungry for knowledge. While she’s hesitant to make emotional bonds, she’s fiercely loyal once she does, to the point of helping someone even if they don’t want her help if she thinks they need it.

    Laura also has the physical strengths/abilities of a top level assassin. She’s agile, an olympic level acrobat, and fast. She’s trained in multiple fighting techniques, most weapon types, and can pilot most vehicles.

    Weaknesses: Like her progenitor, Laura can be thick-headed and affected by tunnel vision. In this manner, her strength of focus and determination is also a weakness in the right scenarios. She’s been isolated since birth and has no social skills to speak of. When not on a mission she tends to be moody, going from silent and distant to trying a social interaction that doesn’t work well and blowing up about it. She’s very much afraid of messing up what relationships she does develop and will self-sabotage in order to prove that she’s not worthy of love.

    Best subject: Tactics
    Worst subject: English
    Extracurriculars: Martial Arts; Gymnastics

    General Personality: Laura has three main ‘modes’. Sometimes she is more one than the other two, and when she’s fighting she’s a perfect balance of all three. She has a state where her emotions rule her, the ‘feral’ state that Wolverine is famous for. She has a state where she is curious, studying her surroundings more than interacting with them. And she has a state where she is goal-oriented, focusing on accomplishing her mission.

    Unlike Logan, who regularly accesses his rage to fuel him, Laura was conditioned to act without emotion, to be a fighting machine. Hydra isolated her from other children, from developing human connections with anyone, teaching her that her purpose was to fight for Hydra, to go on missions. She was fed propaganda about how most children are coddled and live meaningless lives but she gets to be someone special, someone important. Mostly she buys into this ‘emotions are distractions’ attitude. But when on missions she sees people interacting, especially children, she’s bothered by the sense of longing she feels. That she shouldn’t feel. Laura tried to push away her feelings, tried to focus on her training, but especially as she reached early adolescence she noticed that even in her training that an emotion started to seep in - anger.

    She recognized it as an emotion, as something she shouldn’t be feeling, but her anger was harder to push down. The more she fought it, the more she felt it, until she was driven past the threshold where she could contain it. With only her handlers to direct her anger at she began to resent them and what they had done to her. She began to have the idea that maybe she shouldn’t even exist. That a great wrong had been done to her. It was her anger combined with her curiosity that drove her to escape Hydra and find and destroy the one ultimately responsible for what had been done to her.

    Curiosity about her uncertainty over what Hydra was having her do is what really guided Laura into escaping. Anger alone wasn’t enough, she needed to wonder about how she’d been made, why she’d been made, and what life might be like on the outside. Her curiosity is what leads her to observe human interactions and wonder whether they’re something she could ever have.

    The other main piece to her personality as she enters the site is Laura’s focus. It’s something that sets her far apart from Logan and is also a side product of years of isolated learning and training. Not because she has a more gifted mind than anyone else but because of her ability to be disciplined and put all of her energy into a task is she so skilled and fast a learner.

    Laura is mistrustful as she enters the site, having only experienced interactions with handlers who were using her as a weapon. She prefers to be on her own and is very slow to develop relationships with others. She can also be a bit clingy to those she does start to bond with as she worries she might lose them. She is extremely immature emotionally and often goes to extremes in social interactions as she has had zero practice in them.

    Laura was trained as a killer, but one of the redeeming features of her character is she doesn't like killing. Hydra couldn't train the empathy completely out of her. She was able to kill when it was her mission, but she would rarely choose to do so. The only other situation where she might kill someone is when in a feral state and feeling like her life is threatened. She's got daggers in her hands and feet, and isn't hesitant to use them when necessary, but she doesn't enjoy hurting people and will often look for a way to avoid doing so.


    Mutant Power(s): Laura has three main mutations.

    Most powerful is her mutant healing factor. Aside from decapitation or thorough destruction of brain tissue, she can heal from most injuries. Minor cuts heal in seconds, bone breaks and organ damage in a few minutes, and more all consuming damage might take an hour, such as from a fire. All injuries she takes still hurt, and it’s tiring for her to heal. She needs to eat and sleep relative to how hard her body worked to heal itself.

    The other mutation she has are her retractable claws. Naturally her claws are made of bone, are very strong and sharp, and extend about eight inches. She has two in each hand, and one in each foot. The claws hurt to extend and she relies on her healing factor to seal up the skin around them and keep from getting infected. As part of the Weapon X program through Hydra her claws are removed and have adamantium applied to them so they’re indestructible. She does not have adamantium applied to the rest of her skeleton like Logan did. Her claws react to her emotional state, which in the case of ruining shoes when she’s angry can be kind of funny, but in the case of accidentally stabbing someone, not so funny.

    Her third mutation is her heightened senses. She can hear and smell better than an average human, able to discern distant sounds and recognize smells at the same level as an average dog. This has its downsides in that her senses can then be flooded. While she uses her enhanced hearing at times, she relies on her sense of smell more than her sight at times, often identifying people by their scent profile rather than by how they look.

    The part of her animalistic mutation that gives her claws and enhanced senses also magnifies her emotions when threatened. As mentioned before, Logan uses his feral state as an advantage, but for Laura it’s a problem. She strives to be in control, has always tried to bottle her emotions, so the feral state doesn’t come out until it busts out of her, and then she really rages.

    Biggest Drawback(s): Laura’s emotional issues are what get in her way the most. She has an image of herself as an in control fighting machine, so it surprises her and others around her when she loses her temper and lashes out.

    Non-mutant power(s): Strategy. Laura is a quick learner, focused, and good at tactics. She’s formidable at chess and other strategy games. Laura is proficient in multiple fighting styles, armed and hand-to-hand, and has been specially trained how to use her small childish size to her advantage.

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: None
    Birthplace: Hydra lab
    Family: Cloned from Logan

    Criminal Record: Yes, due to her escape from Hydra they would have issued a warrant for her arrest.

    History: ”You are a weapon designed to change the world for the better. You are a soldier of Hydra.” Laura’s earliest memories are of being told these exact words. “But who am I?” she would respond. She was generally allowed one question. “You are X-23.”

    “But what of the other 22?” She asked. And that earned an electric shock. A minor irritation, a common, daily occurrence. But then she would get an answer. “The other 22 were not as good as you, you are the final iteration.”

    “But what if I am not good enough, what if I am not?”

    “Then there will be an X-24 and you will be destroyed.” No shock delivered, the words themselves were shock enough. So went the first twelve years of Laura’s life, life in a concrete box of a room with a drain in the middle, life spent training and eating carefully concocted and tasteless protein drinks, life spent away from all humans except for the masked ones in white coats who directed her wherever she went.

    She knew she worked for Hydra. They clearly wanted her to know that, maybe out of some hope that she would eventually develop a bond with the terrorist organization that had created her as a weapon. Hydra’s history, or some version of it, was one of the few documents available for her to read.

    She knew emotions were bad. From a young age, when she would exhibit an extreme emotion, she would be thrown in her concrete box and sprayed with a fire hose until she calmed down. Once she seemed able to control her emotions, the scientists were ordered to get her ready for field work. At age eight they brought her to a park to watch other children, to see how she reacted. It seemed to be going fine, X-23 even tolerating a child sitting next to her, until the child set a toy down next to X. X-23 went to pick up the toy, the child cried and grabbed it back. It was clear that X meant to cut the toy in half, if she’d meant to injure the child she would not have missed, but all the same the scientists decided more emotional control was necessary before sending her out on missions.

    They didn’t realize it was already too late.

    Too smart to show it and get pummeled by the fire hose, X-23 sat quietly in her box, staring at the wall. It wasn’t until the lights went out that she went to a corner and quietly sobbed herself to sleep. That child in the park, he’d had a belonging, he’d had a toy, he’d had a family. She’d been told she was above such silly things, but that’s not how it felt. It felt like she had been missing everything and she hated her handlers for it.

    Over the next few days X-23 practiced her skills in ways unintended by the Hydra scientists. She eavesdropped on the cleaning staff, heard mention of the Weapon X program from another facility. Heard the word clone. She swiped a phone, hiding it in her uniform, and used it to hack into the computer system. She’d never been allowed online before, but she’d gotten plenty of computer training. Every reference she found to Weapon X on the internet linked to a government agency called S.H.I.E.L.D with a website that had a tip line to call if someone found anything linked to the program. When she called the number she was put on hold, clearly so they could track the call. She was just looking up the location of a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility when one of her handlers caught her with the phone. The decision was made for her when two of her handlers caught her with the phone and, assuming she would be compliant, went to grab her. Both of them fell back, bleeding from their chests where she’d stabbed them with her claws, looks of shock on their faces as they died. From that moment she knew she didn’t have much time, but Hydra had basically trained her how to escape. She grabbed a black infiltration uniform from the armory, along with a supply of stun disks, and snuck away on a supply truck before the alarm was sounded.

    A day later she breached a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in order to get more information on the Weapon X project. She discovered that the project originated with a man named Logan, codename Wolverine, and that he lived with a team called the X-Men in Bayville. She was interrupted before she got more, but she was sure she’d found the source, the reason behind her miserable existence. X-23 escaped the building and then set off toward Bayville to find and kill Logan. In game time this would be early 2017, poss January if she’s accepted in time.
[About You]
    Name: Raven
    Age: 40
    Desired Member Title: Stabby McStabbers
    Recommended By: Adenine
    Messengers Used:AIM and HipChat and Google Hangouts, pdxpaperpauper@gmail.com for all 3
    Time Zone: PST

    Preferred character audition scene: For Laura’s audition scene I’d love to play out the scene from the first show X-23 is in where Logan confronts her. To keep it simple, I would skip the part of the plot where she infiltrates the mansion and knocks out the rest of the X-Men and have her sneaking up on the mansion when perhaps Logan sniffs her out and heads to intercept. At this point she has no interest in joining the X-Men, just in taking out the one she thinks is responsible for her misery. If Logan isn’t available for this scene, another character would work fine, but it would need to be someone who could handle her in a fight/confrontation of some kind. I could see Xavier dealing with her. Ultimately she’s defeated/held off and breaks down as she realizes that no one person is responsible for making her.

    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: I want Laura slowly integrated into the X crew, hoping that other writers will tolerate her temper and tendency to just run off rather than talk about her feelings. I don’t plan on making her impossible to thread with, but at first she’s a bit difficult. Perhaps if there are some missions/events that she takes part in where she feels like part of the team she will warm to her new family, and I expect as she does so she’ll become fiercely loyal.
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 Posted: Mar 24 2017, 05:42 PM
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Happy roleplaying!
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Written by: Adenine
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This is gonna be fun.

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Stay tuned for your character audition!

Btw, I found a gif for you to use:
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 Posted: Mar 25 2017, 12:09 AM
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Written by: Guanine
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Your audition can be found here.
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