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Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

Happy roleplaying!
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Kyle Gibney


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May 5 2017, 06:31 PM
Sorry I've been absent this week. It's been incredibly busy with work, followed by a rough few days. I struggle with depression and sometimes there are days where I just can't do anything. I'm sure I'll be back up to speed soon. I'll try to post again Monday night. But, I'm still around, and I appreciate the patience!
Apr 10 2017, 03:26 PM
Sunday, Jan 29, 6pm.
Tag: Noah

Kyle sat at the edge of the pool, his gaze settled on the clear sheet of glass-like water. At first, the room was highly off-putting, with the pool chemicals burning his nose, and the air being heavy with humidity, but his curisoity had won out and, after a few minutes, the shock of it on his senses eased a little. After wandering around the room, sniffing, he'd settled by the water.

It was not quite a lake. Water there was cold, fresh and tasted clean. This water was warm and smelled funny and was terribly lacking in fish. He dipped his fingers beneath the surface, taking a few licks of the drips that remained. Blech. It tasted as bad as it smelled.

He stood up again as movement through the doors caught his attention. The other boy who had entered was familiar, not because they'd met before, but because his scent was the strongest one in the room, he'd picked it out while exploring the area. He must have spent a great deal of time there.

Kyle was dressed in distressed, probably handed down jeans and blue t-shirt, and without socks or shoes on his feet. His brown hair was long and shaggy as ever, curling slightly over his ears and almost falling over his eyes. He carried himself slouched a little, rather than perfectly straight and tall. "This yours?" he asked of the newcomer, meaning the room in general. It would't be wise to have intruded into the other boy's territory, as he'd already been given 'his' room and told about the certain rooms he wasn't allowed to explore, like ones that were girl's territory.
Apr 5 2017, 05:12 PM

Jan 28 2017 | Feral Duo | Logan/Kyle | DONE

Jan 28 2017 | Not far from the tree | Logan/Kyle/X-23 | DONE

Jan 29 2017 | Doggy Paddle | Kyle/Noah | ONGOING

Apr 5 2017, 05:01 PM

This is Kyle, who also goes by Wild Child, and for good reason. He was literally raised by wolves for the majority of life that he still remembers, and so a lot of his behaviors and mannerisms were learned from living in the pack. Interactions should expect sniffing, growling, and eating without manners. smile.gif

He's trying to learn how to be more human, but, at present, a lot of seemingly normal behaviors are going to baffle him. Kyle isn't exactly unfriendly, or mean, but he'll likely be frustrated a lot and he holds a lot of pent up anger as he struggles to figure out who and what he is.

I'm open to threads with anyone! At Xavier's, I'd want him to meet the rest of the students. He spends a lot of time out of doors, and he hates technology, but if someone wants to try to explain it to him, that could be fun. Also, tutoring for schoolwork, as he'd be way behind and in mainly remedial classes at Bayville.

At Bayville, I'd like to see Kyle try out for the football team...because dogs like chasing balls. tongue.gif He'll definitely be a 'weird kid', so bullies, bring it on.

I'm open to any other ideas!
Apr 2 2017, 07:39 PM

    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Kyle Gibney
    Nickname(s): None
    Alias(es): None
    Age: 14
    DOB: 11/15/2002

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: Wild Child
    Alliance: X-men
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Comics canon

    Place of residence: Bayville, NY
    Occupation: Student
    Year in school: Freshman


    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Caucasian

    Build: Overall, Kyle has a lean but athletic build. His strength is definitely more than may be perceived by his appearance, thanks to his powers. He is still growing, but is of about average in height and weight, although long limbs add a lanky look to the teenager.
    Dress: Kyle tends to go through clothing pretty quickly, because of how much time he spends out of doors, and because he simply doesn’t care. He has no perceivable sense of style, wearing whatever he finds…mostly, this results in t-shirts and denim as the tops are commonplace and jeans at least last through some of his running through the woods endeavors. He does not like restrictive clothing, and dislikes wearing shoes.
    Other: His canine teeth are more sharp than average, even when not in his feral state.

    Play-By: Chandler Riggs

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Hunting, Killing, Food (Mainly meat), being outside, dogs and wolves, nighttime
    Dislikes: Technology, cats, feeling stupid, sarcasm, dishonesty, big words

    Goals: Finding balance to this animal and human sides, Catching up academically to his peers, Meeting his potential in strength
    Fears: Doctors, locked spaces, losing his human self

    Strengths: Loyal, tenacious, soft hearted
    Weaknesses: Impulsive, Reckless, angry

    Best subject: Gym
    Worst subject: Math
    Extracurriculars: Football

    General Personality:
    Kyle is a balance of animal and human, although, at the moment, the scales are constantly dipping one way or the other. He can’t seem to achieve an actual balance. He has human feelings, but an animal’s brain, meaning that while he may understand that he is supposed to act one way, his first reaction will be his instincts, and his reflexes tend to choose fight over flight. On one hand, he wants to control it, to be like other kids, but on the other hand, he also loves to give in to the animal. It’s easier for him, and it’s a more simple way to live. Being an animal is about survival, being human is far more complicated.

    He has a pack mentality, meaning that he would rather be part of a group, however, he is not a leader. He would rather follow another, but it has to be someone that he respects and has earned that loyalty. When someone earns a position, in his mind, having joined his ‘pack’, he is fierce in his loyalty and unwavering in devotion. He has lived among wolves before and has learned to take cues on social behavior from their hierarchy. He believes that people are basically the same, having structured social systems, he just hasn’t quite figured out the subtleties of human behavior, since wolves are far easier to read, behaviorally.

    The bane of Kyle’s mental instability lies in his blood lust. For as long as he can remember, there has always been an anger deep down inside of him. It is easy to let that out by hunting, and by killing, and frankly, he enjoys it. There is no denying that fact. He doesn’t like that he enjoys it, but he does. If he can’t let that part of him out, he begins get stir crazy, becoming irritable and tense, until, mostly likely, the pressure would become too much and it would explode with potentially deadly results. It may seem like an oxymoron, as he likes to kill, but he has a good heart. He learned a lot from living with the wolf pack, not just in how to hunt prey, but how to care for the young and weak of the pack, and the value of strength in the pack.


    Mutant Power(s):
    Kyle's primary mutant power is a healing factor that allows him to regenerate damaged and destroyed bodily tissues as well as making him immune to toxins and disease. He is able to heal minor wounds in minutes, and major wounds generally in under a day. His regenerative properties also allow him a slowed aging rate so once he reaches his full adult form, his appearance will age much slower than a normal human. It also means that alcohol, drugs and medicines won’t have a long lasting effect on him.

    Several physical traits have also been effected by his powers. His speed, stamina, agility and reflexes all rival the finest human athlete and he is capable of lifting approximately 600 lbs. Wild Child’s senses of sight, smell and hearing are comparable to those possessed by animals in the wild, specifically that of a wolf. He can see things at much greater distances and in near-total darkness. He can hear at greater distances, and track or recognize someone by their scent, even if the scent has been eroded over time by natural factors. He also has fangs and retractable claws on his fingers and feet that can be used as natural weapons. Akin to Sabretooth, Wild Child's claws are about 3 inches long and, like an animal's claws are comprised of keratin but are thicker and therefore stronger than regular animals. They can cut through most flesh and natural hides, but what they can cut through depends on the material's overall thickness and toughness.

    His feral state plus the chemical changes to his brain made during experimentation make him immune to mind control. His brain chemistry is physically different from other humans and mutants. Kyle is able to communicate with wolves through an empathic connection. His communication with animals is limited only to wolves, and it does not allow him to control the animals in any way, just understand them, and they, in turn understand him. Since he bonds with wolves on an emotional level, Kyle is able to achieve an equal level of communication to them as they would to each other...they see him as a wolf, unlike for example, a human trainer and animal would have. It could work with shapeshifters, but only those who fully take on a wolf form (Such as Rahne), not just partial shifters, or other ferals.

    Biggest Drawback(s):
    He suffers from blood lust; Not only does he enjoy seeing blood shed, if he's made a kill, he can lose the ability to stop himself from continuing unless forced to do so physically, or there's nothing left. The bloodlust is triggered by a physical kill- using his hands or teeth-which is why he's taken to using weapons because they don't trigger that euphoria. When he's in the thrall, he loses the ability for rational thought, unable to recognize friend from enemy, and becoming animalistic so he cannot use weapons. Once there is nothing left in range to attack, the endorphins fade and his mind can return to normal. So, aside from a physical blow to knock him out or kill him, the best way to ease the rage is to remove any living things, or find a way to calm his mind.

    Non-mutant power(s): Hunting, tracking, killing

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: Cochrane, Alberta
    Birthplace: Canada
    Family: Parents (Living, but presumed Kyle to be dead)

    Criminal Record: No

    Kyle's early life was a decent one. Born and raised in a small town in Canada, mountains were his backdrop, and weekly trip for hunting or fishing were a regular thing between him and his father. He was strong, well liked and handsome. And then his mutation developed, and through the next series of events in his life, Kyle would no longer remember many of these good times.

    He was 12 when he began to change. His teeth became fang-like, and nails formed into claws, ears pointed. He had become like an animal, and his parents became terrified. Out of fear and disgust, they threw Kyle out of the house, forcing him to learn to live in the wilds. For months, Kyle hung around, often visiting in hopes that his parents might take him back, but being shunned each time. Once, his father took a shotgun to him and Kyle fled, far up into the mountains. By the time he'd tired himself out running, the wound had nearly healed itself, although the scent of his blood on his clothing alerted the wildlife.

    A pack of wolves surrounded him, but rather than attack, the Alpha wolf watched him for a while. Late into the night, the pack began to howl. Kyle's voice joined them, and, forged through song, the pack loped around him and he became one of them. He lived with the pack, but he still felt the pull between the animal world, and the human one as he would return to the town to secretly watch his parents, and his former friends. On one of these trips, Kyle was approached by a social worker named Valerie, who, just as he’d watched his family, she’d been watching him.

    Over time, he’d built a trust with Valerie, who wanted to help him. She believed that she was counseling the young man so that he could once again rejoin his family. However, in actuality, Valerie’s work was being employed by an organization called the Secret Empire who was looking for potential subjects for it’s development of a weapon. Kyle’s ‘unstable fluctuations of behavior’ caught their attention. While Valerie was told that the boy was being sent off for intensive psychotherapy, he was actually taken to a lab where he was tested and experimented upon. As his body would heal, they could manipulate his DNA and subject his mind to torture in order to promote his feral instincts and create, in their mind, a perfect killing machine. His DNA was altered so that his former appearance returned, only turning back into it’s feral state when Kyle lost control. It also took a toll on his memories, so that Kyle is unable to recall much of his former life.

    His tortured mind caught the attention of the powerful telepath in New York, and by the end of January, 2017, after another of the Empire’s captives rebelled and destroyed the base, Kyle escaped and before he has reunited with his wolf pack, he was found by a man and women who promised him a new kind of help, and a new kind of life, at a school with other young people with abilities.
[About You]
    Name: Audrey
    Age: 40
    Desired Member Title: Scruffy Nerfherder
    Recommended By: None
    Messengers Used: AIM: dreamerwolf856
    Time Zone: EST

    Preferred character audition scene:
    Wolverine and Storm finding Kyle just after he’d escaped from the Empire. Or the Professor trying to get Kyle to understand the rules of the school perhaps. Or maybe him auditioning for the football team at Bayville
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: Learning how to form friendships with other students, and trying to get through school…which will likely take a while for him to get used to, not just socially but because he’d behind academically and can have a hard time learning. I’d also to do a scene where he loses control, attacking someone. I have some ideas how this might go down in the game, since it might affect the sitewide plot, and I’d love to discuss that with the staff.
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