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Mutants are not yet known to the public, but when superpowers are in the hands of hormonal teenagers who knows how long that will last. Professor Xavier is doing his best to delay the process by homing these young mutants and teaching them to control their powers. Magneto and Mystique are doing something similar.

So far, the only mutants living at the Xavier Institute are Ororo and Logan, whereas the Brotherhood of Bayville Boarding House is virtually unoccupied.
Who will be next? Who will be the X-Men? Who will be the Brotherhood?

You decide.

Happy roleplaying!
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Benjamin Deeds


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Apr 26 2017, 04:37 PM

    [Basic Stats]
    Full Name: Benjamin Deeds
    Nickname(s): Ben
    Alias(es): N/a
    Age: 15
    DOB: July 21

    Classification: Mutant
    Codename: None (Probably going to be Morph but he doesn't like the sound of it)
    Alliance: Brotherhood
    Evo Canon, Comics Canon or Original: Comic Canon

    Place of residence: Brotherhood boarding house
    Occupation: Student
    Year in school: Sophomore


    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair: Brown (varies)
    Eyes: Gray (varies)
    Skin: Caucasian (varies)

    Build: Benjamin is a tall lanky kid. His powers aside, he's average looking. There isn't a particularly impressive amount of muscle on his bones, so he he stands on the thinner side. He walks with a slouch in his shoulders and looking at the ground more than what's in front of him.
    Dress: Ben generally dresses in loose t-shirts and jeans or cargo pants. He isn't really picky as long as it's comfortable. Since his mutation manifested he's been wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses more to hide when his features change.
    Other: As a pretty average teenager, Ben's stand out quality is the fact that his power alters his looks.

    Play-By: Cole Sprouse

    [Psychological Profile]

    Likes: Skateboarding, cheesy b-class horror movies, coffee, junk food
    Dislikes: People who don't practice what they preach, being the center of attention, snow, mint flavored/scented anything

    Goals: Get a grip on his powers, get a college degree, figure out what he wants to even do with his life, maybe graphics or web design, he doesn't know yet.
    Fears: His powers in a large crowd (someone is going to notice his face is changing right?), needles, seeing his parents again

    Strengths: Realist, modest, good listener
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, tempered, insecure

    Best subject: English, computer science
    Worst subject: Gym, French
    Extracurriculars: None at the moment

    General Personality: Ben is a pretty docile guy. He's had an average life for the most part, and that brought on the typical teenage boy persona. In other words he shows potential in his classes, but his grades say otherwise. He also has the moodiness that comes with adolescence. When things go wrong he just grumbles and accept it. It's not like he has the power to fix problems. He decided that somethings just don't work, like protests or rambling on the internet. Since that's all his friends have done trying to help for equality, he doesn't feel like they're making a difference. And he is pretty sure he can't make a difference either.

    While he knows life sucks, Benjamin has decided he might as well go along for the ride. If it won't guarantee his death, he'll join in on adventures and hijinks. He doesn't really have any plans for where he's going to go in the future, so he'll try stuff to see what works for him. Though he is still cautious about how much attention he attracts. Ben doesn't have goals for huge success and fame. He'd rather just get on with his life and stay out of the limelight. Unfortunately he has a habit of befriending outspoken people.

    Admittedly agreeable, Ben still has a temper. He can't stand people who just keep talking about doing good and have nothing to show for it. He turns away from people who neglect him as a friend when he is actually in need. Ben holds grudges too; he is cold to the jerks in his life, and doesn't quickly forgive.


    Mutant Power(s): Benjamin's power is a different type of shapeshifting than most think of when they hear the word. Instead of turning into an animal or copying a person like a clone, he sort of blends in. His features change to match a person within a ten foot radius of him, but he still keeps a resemblance to his natural appearance. His voice also changes to a close imitation of the person he is morphing into. Most of the time Ben doesn't even realize he is doing it despite that the change only takes a few seconds. Unfortunately he barely has any control over it, and will involuntarily change to match people around him as if a chameleon trying to blend in. The more time he spends around a particular person the less he changes into them unintentionally. Though when around new people it happens almost automatically.

    There are a few other things to Ben's mutation. He releases pheromones that cause people in a three foot radius to like and trust him. It leaves them physically calmed and relaxed as the pheromones affect the body's chemical balance. However he doesn't even realize this is a part of his mutation, and happens naturally when he shifts.

    Ben's chemical release also has the ability to mess with technology. It makes devices act wonky and sometimes inoperable. Like the pheromones, he doesn't even realize he has this, though it hasn't been used enough to notice.

    Biggest Drawback(s): Ben's shifting is currently involuntary. He has the potential to control it. But like breathing where when you think about it, it's manual, but the moment it's forgotten it returns to being automatic. No matter how much control he gains there will be times where it happens whether he is aware of it or not, such as a moment of sheer panic. Not to mention he doesn't even feel it happening which doesn't help.

    Non-mutant power(s): He's decent at working a computer when his chemicals aren't messing it up. He's no hacker or anything, but he can work excel and teach old people how to email.

    [Background Check]

    Hometown: Austin, Texas
    Birthplace: Austin, Texas
    Family: Parents who aren't talking to him

    Criminal Record: None and he'd rather not have one

    History: Benjamin Deeds life was pretty normal at the start. He came into the world crying and pink, and was soon given the name we now know. His parents were loving towards their only son despite some tension in their relationship. At the young age of three the two split up, and Ben remained with his mother while his father moved out.

    So he grew up with his father as nothing but a vague shadow of his infancy. He was just going to school and hanging out with friends. He didn't have many, just a few close ones. It's not like he was athletic, or popular, or mathlete level smart. Still he was happy with what he had.

    The only thing he had to struggle with throughout middle school was his sexuality. He liked guys, but did he even like girls at all? Only his best friend was told, and she stood by his side. But freshman year of high school, she dragged him along to a LGBTQ awareness event. It only made him uncomfortable, and he really didn't think that shouting and holding signs would make much of a difference.

    It was during that when his mutation first surfaced, taking a resemblance of his best friend. Upon his reflection, the surprise made him faint. After that he was the talk of the high school. His mother demanded to first of all know what he was doing at A: gay rights event and B: What kind of stunt did he pull? He came out there that he was gay, or maybe bi he wasn't sure yet. And as for the other answer? He didn't have one. There was no explanation he could come up with. And while he babbled trying to come up with something, his features changed again making him look more like his mother than ever.

    The homosexuality she could try to tolerate, but this strange power was too much. So she packed up his stuff while he was at school, and left it at the door for him to take. Benjamin didn't even get to say good bye as she was out of the house when he came home. He tried to call her several times, but she wouldn't even answer.

    So he didn't have anywhere to go and he changed to match whoever was closest to him. Needless to say that freaked him out. But the talk about what happened at the rally must've spread, there were kids taking pics after all. Before the week was up another person with powers showed up to help. An older man who could move the metal around him. He explained to Benjamin what he was and that he could help him with his powers. He was skeptical at first, but since he had nowhere else to go he agreed to join the Brotherhood.
[About You]
    Name: Gary
    Age: 19
    Desired Member Title: Just trying to blend in
    Recommended By: None
    Messengers Used: PM, Skype, or AIM (mostly use Skype)
    Time Zone: EST

    Preferred character audition scene: The Brotherhood recruiting him or moving into the boarding house to meet the other kids. Or even running into a mutant wearing a transducer sounds like fun.
    Plans or plots you would like to involve your character in: Making friends, getting a hang of his powers, maybe starting to question the morality of the Brotherhood.
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